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A special day with a special person

Wow, I have not updated for months and I'm very sorry. Life has been very hard on me and I kinda left my blog. Well it's the holidays now and I want to revive my old passion for blogging.

Last Monday was Fiona's birthday and I was stuck in college doing maths paper that I think I screwed up like the rest of the exams papers.

So I took an immediate flight from Selangor back to Kuching so that I'll be Kuching for Fiona's birthday surprise the next day!!!

The day started well, we watched Rapunzel in 3D!!! The movie was so romantic and funny!!! I always wondered how they made such cool animations, I would love to try it one day!!!

We cam-whored!!

And cam whored!!!

Again and again and again!!

Then I brought her to MPH while waiting for the confirmation from my partner in crime, Joshua Lee, who is attending to our other friends, waiting at Tarot Cafe to surprise her. I

After everyone arrived at Tarot Cafe, we drove from Spring to Tarot Cafe!!

There, our old friends surprised her!!!! Lol!! She was so happy!!!! haha

We ate our food and we celebrated with a cake and birthday songs. We played UNO and chat all night...

On our way back, I let her use my w995 phone with super clear screen and wore my earphones. Then, I showed her the video I compiled for her birthday.

Tell you a story, I never knew Fiona's INTEC friends but I decided to just send a request to as many of them I have in Facebook. I was worried whether they would reply me, knowing that they don't know me at all. How surprised was I when most of them replied positively and did their best to do birthday wishes for her. I took this challenge and compiled a birthday video for her. It was a very fun thing to do, for a special person in my life, on her special day ^^

Here's the video hahah...