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JOHOR BARU: Sarawak football is down on its knees. A day after admitting that they were flat broke, the FA of Sarawak (FAS) were dealt an embarrassing and painful blow when four of their players were caught for alleged drug offences on Tuesday.

All four have tested positive for drugs and three have been remanded for further investigations. The trio were arrested at their apartment in Green Road.

Man... Sarawak footballers taking drugs... Now, what's wrong in that report?? Huh??

What pisses me off is how can Sarawak be in last position although the players are taking drugs?? Drugs supposed to enhance their body or something like that. Sarawak supposed to win right?? Why aren't they winning?? Are they taking cheap drugs??

Look at that... Sarawak football club is broke... Sarawak is in the headlines for all the wrong reasons nowadays. Back to the Premier League then.. CYAZ

YUI Paintings

WOW!!! I've just bumped into three of the best paintings in the world!! Of course much more better than Da Vinci's Mona Lisa... AHHAA... I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!! The fact that these images are painted astonishes me everytime i look at it.

*looks at paintings*faints*looks at them again*faints

Credit to Shirasagi from Yui-Lover forums. You are one GREAT painter!


I haven't been updating lately huh... ahh.. sorry sorry

One reason is that I'm suffering from jetlag. HAha... I kept on sleeping in the afternoon and stayed wide awake at night... It's just so weird... I'm just so used to the timezone in USA that I slept in the afternoon and stayed awake at night.

The second reason is that my mind is dead... Really honestly.. I'm not thinking... K!! K!! You must think there is no way that a human's mind not be thinking but I really don't have anything to write down for this blog... My creative passion is dead...



Now, for the graduation dinner. My bro got the award "Abang Bowling". Looks like he's famous for his bowling skills... hhahhaaahahaha...

My brother's the only non-Muslim from Malaysia that studies there... Yikess... must have been hard for him...
In the dinner, a lot of awards given like Abang Bowling, Abang Tenang, Dewi Masak, etc etc... Creative people... Trying to celebrate from things that don't even matter.. HAAh... Hey... respect respect!!
Food... MALAYSIAN FOOD!! RICE!! CHICKEN!! Some vegetable that I always eat but don't know the name!! AIR BANDUNG!! ABC aka Ais Kacang aka CENDOL Gila man... so cold.. still want to eat ABC...
Fun fun fun... for my brother ler.. so fun!! For me.. OK lah.. fun, taking pictures... aahaha...
Oh crap, my bro's angry already... I'm using his laptop too long. CYA!!!


Went to BOSTON!!! Took another 3 hours+ ARGHH!!!

Cool guy... with the monitor stickin out behind him

Quincy Market

Must not be afraid to ask!!

I touched John Harvard's shoe!!! AHH!!! My dad kept on telling me that that was a contract with Harvard that I study in Harvard in the future. Will it become true?? We'll see... Emmm...



YEA YEA.. eat eat eat

OUR LUNCH!! YES!! We had a fork and plastic knife. But no spoon!! They don't have spoon ... Americans...

It was Sooo damn... coooLLDD!! It supposed to be summer lerr.... The wind was soOoo strong.. Sooo COLD!!! Ahhhh AHHHhhh. It was around 12 degrees celcius. Man, my air-conditioner only reaches 16 degrees man... WHooo ooooo


You know the first thing that I did in USA?? This might sound unbelievable but I actually triggered the airport alarm. AhHHAHA.... Sooooo scary man.... the alarm was sOOoooo loud... and sSOOooooo long....

Why did I do that?? My hands were everywhere sooo... i had to touch something. I touched one of the doors that leads to the airfield, where the planes go off. I just had to touch that damn door and triggered the alarm. HAhaha... three people came over, one female black lady, one Mexican guy called Carlos and one orang putih (American). No one scolded me ler... I used my cute eyes mah...

The thing that I hate about this trip is that I wasted about 20 hours in the airplane. All in the airplane... ARRGGHH!! Sooo... frustating, imagine how many things I can do in 20 hours... Ahhh... sooooo sad...

My bro picked us up at the guest waiting area.

My father actually drove a US car. Ahaha... it's a JEEP but not a jeep. You know what I mean?? The brand is JEEP but it's actually a SUV. My father kept on driving on the left lane.. HAHAh... Fortunately, he got the hang of it and drove on the right lane.

ShooCKKING!!! From NEWARK AIRPORT to TROY, NEW YORk takes about 4 hours. That's almost like Kuching to Seri Aman... AHHH!!!! I wasted so many hours in the airplane and I had just wasted another 4 hours + in the damn car...

Anyways, my favourite girl was always with me on that day. My mum?? CRAZY!!!! No way man. She's YUI!!! She tiredlessly sang to me with her don't-know-the-meaning-of-tired vocals.. AHHAha... Got to put her picture..

The toilets are Soooo oOooo clean!!! WOOOWW!!!! U know how much one cheese burger is?? About... RM8+ hahha.. which is just USD2+ hhahaa...
Troy... kinda cool!! The houses don't even have gates and fences. All houses are left in the open. This is kinda good cause there's no barrier between the residents... So, just say HI!! HI!! HI!
So, far, think that's all for now... I'll update when my brother lets me use his laptop in the future.


United States of America

Wow... a few more hours left before I get into the plane to New York City BABY!!!

Am I excited now?? Err... yea... I'm quite excited... I'm happy that I feel this way. It's just so weird if I don't feel anything. If you are a rich spoiled brat, then you might not feel anything cause you might have gone all around the world 100 times... What do I care?? Now, that's wrong. I meant...


That's only for rich spoiled brat who never worked for anything in his or her life..

Now, back to the story. Now, there's a few things that I have to make sure that I bring back...

1. Sands from the sea - Edwin, Esther
2. Lollipops - BSC Youth Ministry, Esther
3. Key chains - Clifford, Vyner, Jude, Ester
4. Pictures - Camillus, Esther
5. A shred of USA newspaper - Hermia, Esther
6. Hot guys - Dolly
7. Girls number - Anonymous
8. Donald Trump Tower - Edwin
9. Statue of Liberty (??) - Puan Norshiati (oh man... how)

The list just keeps on growing. Anything you want me to bring back for you??

Leave a comment or send me an e-mail. I'll check before I go and after I settled myself with Terry's laptop (if he let...)

I'm scared!! what if the plane crash??? Hijacked?? AHH!!!!! Choi choi choi... Scared lah... traveling so far...

This might be my last entry. Thank you for reading this and God bless you!! Take care!!

BSCYM Easter Gathering


Blessed Sacrament Church Youth Ministry is organising an Easter Gathering this Friday. The particulars are in the poster above. So, what should I say?? OH yea..!!



Ehh... salah salah, wrong wrong

Come lah.. come lah. come lah... come lah... please please please please please....!! please come!! if you live somewhere outside Kuching, ahh.. nvm... just fly there and join in!! oh come on!! COME!!!


YEAH!!! Goin to USA this Thursday!! WHoo HO!!! Do I sound excited to you?? Actually, I'm not... hahhaa... I don feel anything at all....

Am I supposed to feel excited?? I'm goin to the Big Apple, New York!! IN USA!! WAAHHH!!! I am like... uhhuh... so what?? Almost everyone say they envy me because I'm goin to USA. Asked me to get Bush's signature, get sands from the beach, lollipop, keychains, a shred of US newspaper, take pictures and help them to photoshop their pics in those pics and more. Honestly, I don feel anything... ahhahaah...

The whole reason I'm goin there is to watch my brother graduate. Then, he will show off USA to me... AHAHAHA... you'd better make it worth my time, Terry!!

OOooo... my father's gonna drive there... How does it feel to drive on the left?? HAha... I sit on the left all the time... I feel good. The only major difference is that the gear is to your right instead. Oh well... i'll write if I experience anything else... so far, none.. hehe



To all Mothers from any language, race, religion, err... what else... ahhh... any girls/ladies that has children... yeaHH!!! Enjoy enjoy

Now, what did I do for my mum... err... actually, i did nothing except greet her... hahaha.. ain't got the $$Kaching$$, ya know what i mean?? Of course lah, u might say, my money is not everything right?? right?? There must be something else that I can do right?? So, instead of using my money, we used my father's money instead... HAHAA... what did I do?? Ooh.. I just eat beside her loo...

Yesterday's morning, we went to church. Then, my mum with her painful knees managed to walk to the altar and get the gift given from the church to every mother. Steady there mum, steadYY!!!! HAHAa... she's been complaining about her painful knees but she walked with pride lerr on that morning. Why ah?? Cause she got me as a son?? U WISH!!! She's complain to me a lot.. lalalal.. like always not studying, play play only .. . and then and then... hey, this is not about that...

K! K! back to the story.

She got a candle with err... don noe what. Every year the same thing... candles candles candles... Not that I'm not grateful, i'm just... err.. yea, i'm grateful... K, k, i'm writing stupid things again...

That same night, my father brought my mum to pizza hut. So, my mum with her mighty phone called my grandparents. So, where we went?? Thai Food Restaurant??? Holiday Inn??? Merdeka Palace??? Nah.. we went to Pizza HUT! HAHAHA... Nice food bah there...

We got there, my grandparents got there, and guess what?? It's full... WOw... Full... to the very last chair...

So, we went to Batu Lintang open air food court... and guess what?? It's full... too!! Oh please!!! Just because that day was Mother's day, everyone brought their mum out to eat. HAHA... other days cannot meh??? HA HA??

So, we went to some shop.. err.. aiya... forgot the name. Somewhere in Pending... Oh crap... what was the name?? Ahh.. ahh.... ahhh... don noe lah...

This restaurant was GRADED A!! HAHAHA... Not five star yea, just GRADED A!! It's super clean and I love it... Ate:

1. Mushroom Soup (YUM!!)
2. Ikan Kerapu Sweet and Sour (Err.. ok lah..)
3. RICE (hahaah... Relax, Ice, Compression, Elevation.. oh nvm)
4. Mixed Vegetable

yea yea.. humble humble dinner... ahahaha... so fun to see my grandfather so close with my father.. HAHAH... they are like passing each other spoon by spoon of food.. Like, "makan, nah, makan, makan makan, makan, nah, ambik ambik, makan makan.. nah nah..."

DONE DONE!!! On my back, I switched on my MP4 player and just played more JAP SONGS!!!

That part was the part I enjoyed the most.. ahhaHha...

YUI!!!! Got to put her pic here.. ahhaha..

Wat?? U expect to put my mother's pic?? AHAHA... jangan hARAP!!



THANK YOU ANNE!!!! Here's some of the pictures from Youth ER 07.

Find where am I?? AHAHA... Clue?? I'm in Green...


For more, click here.


AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! ANNE!!!!!!!!!!!!! What's taking you so long to upload those ER 07 pics?? AHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

WHo's Anne?? She's the hot photographer in ER 07. AHAAHAHAAHHA... Takes excellent pics too. You can check her gallery of excellent pictures (plus bad ones hahaha) in at http://ashill.multiply.com oOOOOoooooooooooorr, you can click here.

Anyone meets her every day?? Tell her to upload the pics quickly.. Can't wait!!







There's a lot of different version of laughters.. ahhaha... especially in chat rooms, u see a lot of them... But, did u ever think that those characters don't express what the chatters actually think???

Truly... You've chat with a lot of friends right?? Then, u encountered this real cool guy/girl that u chat for hours hours with. K K, u can't wait to see him/her right??

When u actually meet that person, he/she is not the same person in that chat room. Not the same passion, not the same laughters, especially not the same impression.

Sooooo the moral behind this story is, DON'T HANG around CHATTING!! Go meet them in person if you can because there are things that can only been seen through the eyes.

What to write??

Yeah... haven't been updating... What to write?? Any ideas??? Leave a comment ler...