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YEAH!!! Goin to USA this Thursday!! WHoo HO!!! Do I sound excited to you?? Actually, I'm not... hahhaa... I don feel anything at all....

Am I supposed to feel excited?? I'm goin to the Big Apple, New York!! IN USA!! WAAHHH!!! I am like... uhhuh... so what?? Almost everyone say they envy me because I'm goin to USA. Asked me to get Bush's signature, get sands from the beach, lollipop, keychains, a shred of US newspaper, take pictures and help them to photoshop their pics in those pics and more. Honestly, I don feel anything... ahhahaah...

The whole reason I'm goin there is to watch my brother graduate. Then, he will show off USA to me... AHAHAHA... you'd better make it worth my time, Terry!!

OOooo... my father's gonna drive there... How does it feel to drive on the left?? HAha... I sit on the left all the time... I feel good. The only major difference is that the gear is to your right instead. Oh well... i'll write if I experience anything else... so far, none.. hehe


nanti kena langgar kereta ah drive on the left.


Haha... langgar pun langgar lah...


Haha ... langgar pun langgar ... lah

Cakap besar!
Kamu sekeluarga tak takut matikah

Cakap macam ni ..

Jangan main-main tahu tak.
Jangan nanti-nanti tiada apa-apa lagi. Haha


OOoooo kalau takdir... what to do...


00oooo kalau takdir ... what to do ...

Cakap besar lagi oh!

Awak ni memang suka cakap besar.
Awak ni suka main dengan takdirkah?


Hello Cyril,

You are going to the Big Apple, so can you get something for me like keychain, nice lollipop, chocolate etc and as well sand from the beach, bush's signature, can you put me inside the picture with the background of the Big Apple and shred of New York Times or other newspaper.


Sorry Cyril I forget to say thank you.