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JOHOR BARU: Sarawak football is down on its knees. A day after admitting that they were flat broke, the FA of Sarawak (FAS) were dealt an embarrassing and painful blow when four of their players were caught for alleged drug offences on Tuesday.

All four have tested positive for drugs and three have been remanded for further investigations. The trio were arrested at their apartment in Green Road.

Man... Sarawak footballers taking drugs... Now, what's wrong in that report?? Huh??

What pisses me off is how can Sarawak be in last position although the players are taking drugs?? Drugs supposed to enhance their body or something like that. Sarawak supposed to win right?? Why aren't they winning?? Are they taking cheap drugs??

Look at that... Sarawak football club is broke... Sarawak is in the headlines for all the wrong reasons nowadays. Back to the Premier League then.. CYAZ