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Snapshot of M10T

These are the people in my class in Mara College Banting batch 2010/2012.

Hafiz and Zumar, don ask me what they doin ahah

khairie!!! U know this guy laughed till his eye so red and teary hahaa....

So funnY!!!

HAha your truly.... ^^

Khairie, Syazwan and me ^^

Here's a photo collage, done my Zira.

haha I love my class, love them all ^^

missin you lots dear.

Can't wear a Man United Jersey??

Did you heard about the issue bout wearing Man united Jerseys?

cause they got devils symbols...

I would still wear them, I don give a damn... lol....

Man United FOREVER!!!

Miss you so even more dear...

Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows Trailer

waaa waaaa, can't wait to watch this!!!
The end Harry Potter series!!

Miss you even more dear...


Yesterday was my classmate's birthday!!!

Most of us came from a different background but all of us were like very close already haha...

We sang her a birthday song

She's so happy ahahhaha... U better be!!! ^^

Here's some pic out of my class...

yeap, fields and trees ahhaa....

Me and Khairie...

Can't wait to graduate and fly to UK!!

Miss you so much dear....

Regretting my past

AhHH! I wished I had studies and understood better in BIO and CHEM last when I was in form 5.
Now i'm in IB, (International Baccalaurete) world school and I'm surrounded by straight A+ people and straight A1s people, and I'm so blur in class...

I don want to lose to FIONA NG KA CHEN!!!


I miss u so much dear,

here's some thing I got in my email,

You cut a used bottle....

Then u scroll down...

Scroll some more...

Scroll some more...

Some gay guy wit his cat, this pic is cute okay, nothing wrong to love ur pet..

Then u do this..

Tadahhh... such a waste of time!!!! ^^

Mentor-Mentee Project

Here's what we did for our first mentor-mentee session...
We drew ourselves then cut it to 8 pieces. Then we have to find our friend's picture and complete it.

Here's some of the pics me and my classmates made..

This one's mine haah!

We got to smile everyday haha

My mentor-mentee group..

I miss you so much, honey ^^