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FFX Madman's FAV 5 Japanese Songs

FFX Madman's FAV 5 Japanese Songs

Kakegae no nai Uta - Mihimaru GT

Kakegae no nai Uta - Mihimaru GT

2. Love So Sweet - Arashi

3. Flavor Of Life - Utada Hikaru

4. Rolling Star - YUI

5. My Generation - YUI

Livin Life...

Before i start, someone sms me last night just want to disturb me sleepin but i was busy doin geo project... hahaa... Ur scheme failed!!

K! K! K! back to the post...

You know what??? I began to understand why people say that teenage life is very very hard. I have a lot of options, too many i supposed. I can't stop thinking what would happen if I picked the other choices...

Sometimes, too many choices ain't a good thing. What if you took the wrong choice?? You can't just exit and load a save file. It's way different. I'm just SCARED to pick a choice... I don't want to pick the wrong choice!! Ahhh... HOW HOW HOW???

If you got an answer, leave a comment!! I need ur helP!!!


Ahh... Procrastination... I love to waste time... I love to delay stuff... I love to leave things until the last minute... I never learned my lesson...

I always always study (maximum) 1 week before the exam week. My reason?? Cause I can remember stuff better if I do last minute studying. Does it work?? Err... Last minute studying gives last minute result which is not so NICE...

Why we want to waste time on other unimportant stuff like games, tv, movies, etc etc when we still got other issues to be solved?? Ahh?? OII!! WHY???!!! ANswer ME DAMMIT!!!! I want to know why!!!

Things that can be done on that very same day should be done on that very same day! Why?? So that we would have less burden in the future right???? So, don't procrastinate!!

P.S. FFX Madman's a hypocrite!! I do everything that is opposite of the things I write in this post!!


FFX Madman's FAV 5 Japanese Songs

FAV 5 Japanese Songs

Why won't Ken Hirai go away?? He sticks in my head like super-glue!!

Youth ER 07 - Get A Live!!

FFX Madman's Youth ER 07 - Get A Live

For those who didn't join the concert, like me... ahaahah... hey, at least i'm in the toilet...

Well, my concert actually starts at 3:30pm. No one can send me to Ecumenical Worship Centre because well, everyone's busy. My mum wanted me to take the bus... Em... Should I have taken the bus??

Oh well, I just walked there anyway. One hour of intense walking adventure to ECU. Who was with me?? Well... Let me think... There's Mr. Umbrella, Mr. Sister's Trusty Brownish Bag, Mr. Bluish-handphone-which-I-dropped-so-manytimes, Mr. Humble Wallet, Mr. Shoes, Mr-Mp3 and I can't forget the world's hawtest singer (well to me ler...) YUI!!!!! She sang me to me tiredlesly during the journey!! How?? Through my Mp3 player of course... YOu rock YUI!!

Reached ECU by 4:30pm sharp. Met Aaron L. Cleaned the toilet again... HAAHAHA.... I forgot my to charge my camera's battery so, ain't got proof. Here's a few pictures of the previous day's cleaning of the toilet.

We were lucky... The toilets were very clean. Who ever cleaned it before us did a really got job.

Cause I was stationed in the toilet, I didn't really participated in the concert but my partner in crime and I always sneaked in and watched what happened... AHAHHA....

In the toilet, I had to keep the sink dry, keep the floors clean (no shoe marks), make sure enough toilet rolls, pass tissues to 'users' after they washed their hands, and... err... assist them if they need help... ?? WHAT ARE U THINKING??

K, K, i noticed, guys er.. spend a lot of time in front of them mirror, styling their hair, and such... Really... WOW... so many different styles... At least I learned how to style my hair now... AHAHHA.... btw, my hair very simple and humble... KAKAAAKAAK...

BTw, Mark David was just sooOOoo cool. He danced a salsa-like danced (err... something like that) and have a very very cool voice... WOw, when I grow up, I wanna have a voice like him... AWww....

Everyone kinda enjoyed themselves when I came in to check out the concert. It was cool!! I managed to join in a few songs though...

Anyone got pics of the concert?? E-mail me about it at ffxmadman2(at)hotmail(dot)com!! THANKS!!

Youth ER 07

I was one of the lucky people who managed to watch the rehearsal for the ER concert in Kuching. It was ROCKIN!!! For those you are comin, you'll ROCK till the night's over. Well, the night will stay young for a long-long time....

Now, what to expect?? GREAT MUSIC!!!! FUNNY SKETCHES!!! crAzy Dances!!! CraZY People!! (in a good way of course) and much much more... Here's a few pics of that rehearsal...

I blurred it... ahah.. don want to reveal too much... haha...

Here's one cool handstand by Alistair Y, he's not performing though... He did this when we were free... ahaha...

if you want to find me, look for me in one of the six toilets!! HAHAHA.. enjoy then night!!!


Eyes... What you think about eyes? Are eyes merely ball-like-balls?? Are they just something that's opaque whitish thingies with a specific colour which is round in shape?? Are they just some organ that let's you see?? Well... you can say that, but eyes... eyes are something more...

Here's the different eyes of different ages.

A baby

A teenage guy

An adult guy

An old man

hahaha.... Soo, what cha think?? What's the difference in those eyes??

Eyes shows emotions, that's a fact. You'll know that someone's sad when he or she is sad. It's the same thing for every single emotion. Happy, thrilled, shocked, afraid... Eyes are the windows to your heart actually. The people who are closest to you usually are the ones that knows how u feel by just looking in your eyes. Really... try it out!!

Anime / Manga eyes exaggerates on this eyes fact. What can I say, they are cartoons anyway... HAha... But, a very special type of cartoons. Anime / Manga eyes are soOOOoooo cute... don't you think so?? When they are sad, their eyes will go large with large tear drops falling. When they are happy, their eyes will have that very cute twinkle or even closed completely. It's quite odd to see how they can talk with their eyes closed so tightly. But, again, it's cute...

Tears of Joy...

Happy EYES!!

So, when you talk, please please please look at their eyes... You'll be surprised how well you can understand whatever he or she is talking about.



Taiyou No Uta to VCD DONE!!









All my hardwork is finished!!! I've managed to convert and burn the Movie Taiyou No Uta from AVI to VCD!! WHOO!!

You might be thinking, so what??



This video file really made me pissed off for the last couple of weeks... The video quality is very good but it would be downgraded when I convert it to VCD. I took 6 hours to convert the 1 hour of the video to MPEG-1 format. What a pity... A video so clear became so low quality...

Guess what??? HAHAHAHAA... THE DAMN PROGRAM TMPGenc didn't convert the subtitles TOO!!! SOOO???? SOOO?? Have to convert again lOO!!! Another 6 hours... My comp was kinda hot that time so, i just turned it off.

The next day, I tried to convert again. This time, THE DAMN PROGRAM TMPGenc can't support subtitles!! AHHH!! I mean, like what the F***. So, what should I DO??? I can manually insert the subtitles (all 780 lines) into the video but I gave up at te 24th line... It's just too troublesome. WHY?? I had to find the correct time for the subtitle to appear and it's damn hard when you don understand what they are talking... HAHA...

Soo soo... did some research... Thank god, I found a program Subtitles Workshop that allows me to insert the subtitles with a few clicks.. OKK!!!! WHOO HOO!! Should be fine right?? RIGHT??

WRONG!!!!! Now, I can't even hear the video's sound unless I turned my speaker volume to the highest possible level. Although i've set the volume to the highest possible, i can barely hear a thing!! Was it just my ear?? I've downloaded MP3 gain and I've found out that the volume was set to -15db. NEGATIVE!! AHH!!! WHO THE F*** creates a video that low!!

Then, I run GSpot to check the audio codec for the video. It's DOLBY's AC3, YEAHH, for those who don't know, IT'S DVD AUDIO!!! DAMN!!! I want a VCD not a DVD!! SOOoOOoOOOoO AHHHHH!!!!

Why AC3 has a low volume?? Actually, it's not low. AC3 usually has around 5 channels for the audio. To work properly, I must have 5 separate speakers. It's one of Dolby's 'amazing' way of producing surround sound. DVD players with a speaker (usually 2 speakers) can play AC3 perfectly though. NOW, HOW THE HELL CAN I DO THAT FOR A VCD??? AHH?? HOW???

I was so pissed!!


Found a software that can increase volume for a video. Tried it out, only works for MP3 audio. F***, i want to increase the volume for AC3 dammIT!!!

Found another software, px3 ac3 to wav. HAHAHAAH.... the name explains it... TRIED IT OUT!!! THANK GOD!! It can increase the volume too!! So, I pumped the volume up to 15DB (positive integer) Converting.... Converting... Converting...

AH!!!! YEAHH!!!! First time I lovED WAV.... Ladies and gentlemen, don't use WAV, it takes too much space...

Then, I returned to TMPGenc. Combined the wav file with the source video. BYE BYE AC3!! ALO WAV!!! TMPGenc automaticly compresses WAV so, BYE BYE WAV!! ALO MPEG-1 AUDIO!!! HAHAHA.... Don't even know the correct name of the new format...

K K K, so NOW burning to CD-R. If anything happens, the cd will be useless. WAIT WAIT!! My conscience talked to me!! If I used CD-R, the CD will be useless if anything goes wrong. I might as well use CD-RW (this CD has a rewrite feature) so that I can reuse it in case anything bad happens.... SMART HEH???

K K, so burned it. Nero reencodes the video to VCD format for me. THANKS NERO!! Not the old and evil emperor named NERO in the bible, he suck!!

So, putting in the CD into my VCD player cd tray. Closed it. Play it... Reading...









NO DISC!! WHAT THE F***, the player can't read my DISC!! NO!!!!!!


Then, I just said, F*** it. Don't give up now, don't give up now...

I used NeRO and burned an image file of the vcd. An image file is something like a softcopy of a cd in your hardisk. It is like having a CD but it's actually inside your hardisk. So, no need to burn... No more circular donut shaped disc with shiny shiny back can see your own face there...

I played with my pc.. CAN LERR... WHY MY PC CAN PLAY??? Is my VCD player spoiled??

I tried other VCDs (pirated ones of course) and all of them worked fine (to the extend of pirated quality). OHHH GOD!! HELP ME!!!! I tried again but this time after I said a short prayer... It was kinda bad prayer cause I full of hatred that time... But, ah, nvm...

I taught of burning it to a CD-RW again but I changed my mind. I got 70 (estimated quantity) CD-Rs anyway... Just waste them... HAha... sooooOOOo... unconservative of me...

So, burned the image file to the CD-R. Burning Burning burning....



So played it with my VCD player....




And it worked... I was like ... WOOOooooOOOOOOoooooO... two weeks of damn hardwork of converting and encoding... finally... produced a very good result...


The morale of the story:
1. Never give up!!!
2. Ask for DIVINE help. Like the bible states, "Come to me who are tired and I will give u rest", just pray and have faith. GOD WILL HELP!!! YEAH!! THANKS MAN!!


and myself... :)

If you wanna see the movie, go to http://www.crunchyroll.com/showmedia?id=20332

U need to register for a free account but it's worth it. That movie was heart wrenching and it made me cry!! I have not cried for a very long time... Felt good btw... AAHHAHA...


Here's another VIDEO!!! THANKS JACQ!!

Happy Easter!!

Ahh... 20 minutes left before this Sunday turns to a Monday... Kinda late for an Easter greeting but it's better than never.

K!!! K!!! K!!!!

For those who are reading, which is you, who else, of course it's you, yeaHH!! you!!!, you you you you you you, I'm mentioning you!! Ahhh ya... YOU!!!!


The Lord has risen and lives forever! Stay with your faith and love your life! No matter how much u suffered, Jesus suffered more on the cross. If he can do it for us, why can't we? He's human on the cross anyway... He felt all the pain but he still prays for us!! True love!! Tough Love... ahahaha...


NTU Student survey - Funny comments

Here's a video Kelvin introduced to me... So dang funny!! Thanks man!! You can check his blog by clicking here.

Media Player update!

Ahh... for the past few weeks, this blog keeps on playing the same sad song over and over again. It's time for a change! It's EASTER and you should be happy!!!!

The embedded media player will play "Life - YUI". It's a very inspring song. You should keep on living your life cause its yours and it's precious. Live ON!!!

Here's the lyrics

-Adapted from LyricsandSongs.com - http://www.lyricsandsongs.com/song/585876.html


doro darake yo najimenai tokai de
onaji you ni waraenai utsumuite aruita no
isogiashi de surechigau hitotachi
"yume wa kanaimashita ka?" atashi mada mogaiteru

kodomo no koro ni modoru yori mo ima wo umaku ikite mitai yo
kowagari wa umaretsuki

hi no ataru basho ni dete ryoute wo hirogete mita nara
ano sora koete yukeru kana? nante omotta n' da

tobitatsu tame no tsubasa mada mienai
kantan ni ikanai kara ikite yukeru

nureta koinu hiroiageta dake de
chotto waraechau hodo namida ga koborete kita
ai saretai ai saretai bakari
atashi itte ita yo ne motomeru dake ja dame ne

kodomo no koro wa MAMA no koto hidoku kizutsuketa hi mo atta yo ne
kawaritai ima zenbu

hi no ataru basho ni dete kono te wo tsuyoku nigitte mita
ano basho ano toki wo kowashite I can change my life

demo kokoro no naka subete wo totemo tsutaekirenai
kantan ni ikanai kara ikite yukeru

hi no ataru basho ni dete chizu wo hirogete miru kedo
I know... You know... mayoimichi mo shikata nai
I can change my life

sugite kita hibi zenbu de ima no atashi nan da yo
kantan ni ikanai kara ikite yukeru


Here's the translation

Adapted from SeekLyrics.com - http://www.seeklyrics.com/lyrics/Yui/Life.html

In the city I'm not used to that's full of dirt,
I can't laugh the same and I walked with my head down
People pass by in a quick pace
I ask "has their dreams come true?" But I'm still struggling

I want to try living in the present
rather than returning to my childhood
It's my nature to be a coward

If I go to a sunny spot and stretch my arms out,
I wonder if I can go beyond the sky
that's what I thought

The wings I use to fly away are still invisible
It's because it's not simple that I can go on living

I just picked up a wet puppy
and for a while, I laughed so much that tears spilled
"I want to be loved, I just want to be loved"
is what I said. It's no good just to ask for it

When I was a child, there were days when I hurt my mom badly
I want to change everything

I went to a sunny spot and tried holding your hand tightly
I will destroy that place, that time so I can change my life

But I really can't express everything that's in my heart
It's because it's not simple that I can go on living

I went to a sunny spot and spread out my map, but
I know... You know... that even the path of doubts can't be helped
I can change my life

All the days that have passed make up the me that's here now
It's because it's not simple that I can go on living

Can't Buy My Love

YUI has released her new album,
Can't Buy My Love.

The track listing are as follows:

01. How Crazy
02. Rolling star
03. It's all right
04. I remember you
06. CHE.R.RY
07. Thank you My teens
08. Umbrella
09. Highway chance
10. Happy Birthday to you
11. Winding road
12. Good-bye days
13. Why?

For Bleach fans, you will notice that track number 02, Rolling Star, sounds familiar. It was selected as a theme song for the 5th Season of Bleach. Whoo HOo!!!!!

I really really love "How Crazy", "Rolling Star", "I remember you", "CHE.R.R.Y", and "Good-bye Days". Check them out when you are free!!

This album proves that YUI is slowly moving from an acoustic singer to a bit more rockish. Will this be the correct decision for her?? I hope sooo... HAHAHAH.... I just love her voice and hope she continues on rocking yours and my world!! GAMBATE YUI!!!!!

FFX Madman's favourite 5 Japanese Songs


In the last three weeks, 3 people died... My friend's grandmother, a 14-year old girl and a teacher who was expecting a baby... How are they now??

I do not know how to react when death comes. Should I feel sad? Should I feel angry?? Should I just curse every single thing in the world? Should I just let it go?? Hmm..... What happens when we die?? Some people say we go to heaven or hell... Some say we get reborned... Which one is correct??

Some mysteries just ain't supposed to be solved. I feel so lucky to be alive. I'm still young :) I'm not gonna throw my life away. I'm going to do something... I do not know what but I am going to do something... Life is short and I will live it!!!