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Can't Buy My Love

YUI has released her new album,
Can't Buy My Love.

The track listing are as follows:

01. How Crazy
02. Rolling star
03. It's all right
04. I remember you
06. CHE.R.RY
07. Thank you My teens
08. Umbrella
09. Highway chance
10. Happy Birthday to you
11. Winding road
12. Good-bye days
13. Why?

For Bleach fans, you will notice that track number 02, Rolling Star, sounds familiar. It was selected as a theme song for the 5th Season of Bleach. Whoo HOo!!!!!

I really really love "How Crazy", "Rolling Star", "I remember you", "CHE.R.R.Y", and "Good-bye Days". Check them out when you are free!!

This album proves that YUI is slowly moving from an acoustic singer to a bit more rockish. Will this be the correct decision for her?? I hope sooo... HAHAHAH.... I just love her voice and hope she continues on rocking yours and my world!! GAMBATE YUI!!!!!