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Su Wei's style

This is Lim Su Wei

He might look blur in that pic (sorry Su Wei, ain't got a better pic) but he's very very smart. My gosh, how many people u know get 97 for his history?? Well, he did!!! He's slowly getting better and better, last time, he's a very shy kid. Now, he's so brave and cunning. Gud lah, Su Wei...

Here's something I adapted from Su Wei's blog. His way of improving his Bahasa Malaysia (Malay language) marks.



My BM getting better. This is because I done a lot of exercises to improve my grammar and vocabulary.

So if you want to improve and develop your BM, please do a lot of exercises in vocabulary and grammar . And if you don't say something you can't ask your teacher. Don't be SHY for this thing. SHY DOES NOT WORTH ANYTHING!!

DON'T FORGET: READ A LOT OF BM articles, newspapers, storybooks and others reading materials that suitable for you.

You surely will gain idea and as well expand your vocabulary and improve your grammar from what you read!



Does it work?? I'll try it out!! Su Wei! If it doesn't work, ahhah... something bad gonna happen.. hahahahahahahahaa

Results So far... part 4

First of all, THANKS TOKINE FOR YOUR COMMENTS!! Hardly anyone comments... sooo sad...

Anyways, here's my latest exam results!

English - 86%

My school's standard for A is 85% while the PMR (public exam) standard is 75%. Oh come on, my English not that bad... right??? I'm happy lar still got 86%. At least I beat Su Wei (super genius with high memory capabilities in my class) when he got 78% I think. Su Wei! Correct kah??

I was tested on my grammar, common sense, spelling... ah... all the crap that you know about english lar.. The essay part is a formal letter! Honestly, I'm not so sure about the format... HAHAA!! LAugh laugh as much as u want, it's not funny!! I forgot to my name above my address... that's all!! HAHAHAHAHA!! Laugh!! BABY LAUGH!!

K! U must not be getting me cause I'm not getting myself right over here. The novel part, I wrote about Robinson Crusoe. I have to comment whether the ending of the novel is justified or not... That's all lar... What's justified?? Ahh.. ahh... emm.. err... ah.... aiyoo... what ah.... Aiya, I don want to tell you... You must learn how to use a dictionary, go and find! Ahh.. yea... go and f-ff-find... emm... justified... err..

Results So far... part 3

So, my latest results are...

Pendidikan Seni dan Visual (Art) - 71%

YEAH!! I got a B for SENI!!! AAHAHA...

This is the first time I get more than 30/50 for my lukisan (artwork). I got 38/50. AHHAHA... I'm soo happy!! I did a calligraphy work then. My theory is predictable because I don't really studied on anything about art. Ahh... oh well... Bahasa Malaysia, English and Moral left... oh please let them be high!!

Results So far... part 2

Science -> 87%

YEAH!! A!!!!!!!

See mum, I did study!! HA HA HA HA HA!!

Sejarah (HISTORY)-> 80%

Another above 80 mark. Good work FFX Madman. I need to get higher lar... dang it... you know, there's this guy in my class, specifically named, LIM SU WEI.

HE GOT 2 wrong ONLY!!! HE GOT 97% in his Sejarah (History) test!! AHH!! WHAT THE H***!!!

I know lar you, Su Wei, so smart... ehh.. didn't tell me ur blog... ah... better tell me soon, SU WEI!!!

Kemahiran Hidup (Life skills??) -> 63%

YEAH!! C!!!! How am I supposed to survive?? I got a C?? AHHH!! I'm only supposed to get 75% to receive an A. What the hell... nvm nvm, mock exam I'll do better!!! YEAH!!!!

Results so far...

MATHS - 82%


Ahh... mistakes here and there. My eyes just can't differentiate between positive and negative. Always forgot to put that little critter, the infamous negative sign or (-) in my calculations... Ahhh... what to do...


Yea... For those who don't know me, my standard of GEO, never get A. Always a B!!! How am I supposed to remember where to get bauxite, iron, coal, etc etc... So many names and the places are all named with crazy names. There's one place that I can always remember where to get coal (Arang Batu) and that place is Batu Arang, Malaysia. Can't remember which state.. ahahah...

See? The name is just the reverse of the name of the mineral. That's easy...

ARANG BATU (COAL) --> Batu Arang (A place coal is mined in Malaysia)

Gee.. can't wait for BM... another B i suppose. My art?? Em.. C?? Like usual... i just wait for the results... ahah..

FFX Madman's Top 5 Japanese Singles Ranking

1. Anata ga Ita Mori - Fate

This song is just sooo sad... It's the ending theme song for Fate Stay Night, the only anime I am committed to watch other than Naruto. Fate Stay Night is a really cool anime. Funny too.. There are servants and masters. This masters control the servants who are from olden times, like Hercules. The main character is Shiro and his servant is Saber. Saber's hot by the way. Shiro is kinda blur what he supposed to do but he's slowly learning about his role. Can't wait to watch it next Monday!!

2. Seventh Heaven - L'Arc~en~ciel

I'm just so in love with Hyde's vocal in this song. He's the lead vocalist in this band. Now, a little bit about L'Arc~en~ciel. The drummer, Yukihiro, was not the original drummer. He's the only person who was not originally with L'Arc~en~ciel. The original drummer, Sakura, was caught using heroine thus bring the band to the lowest point in the history of the band. Do you watched Samurai X? They performed for one of its ending theme, entitled 4th Avenue Cafe. Unfortunately, Sakura was arrested during that time. The theme song was only used for about 6 episodes. All of the band's CDs and merchandises were taken off the shelf thus bring the band to a slump. Anyway's the band's back, with Hyde as their main vocalist, Ken with his guitar, Tetsu with his bass, and Yukihiro rockin with the band, nothin can bring this band down again. Unless Hyde was caught with drugs... aHH!! NO!!!

3. My Generation - YUI

YUI!! My LoVE!! I love your voice so much. This song tells the story of her determination to be a singer when she was 16. The video is sooo coooOOoolll!!!! She will be releasing another single in September, entitled Love and Truth. Can't wait, can't wait!!! Gambate YUI!!!

4. Free - ERIKA

ERIKA!! This is her first song under the name ERIKA!! For those who don't know who is ERIKA, she is Erika Sawajiri A.K.A Kaoru Amane from Taiyou No Uta "DRAMA" series. So, she's the one who took YUI's character. YUI starred in Tayou No Uta (Midnight Sun) "MOVIE" version. I liked YUI as Kaoru better though... Nvm, this is a new start for ERIKA. Gud luck in your musix career. By the way, she looks sweet in the picture on the left but in the music video, she's soooOooo gothic and wild.. ahaha... Check it out!!

5. Mahaloha - Yuna Ito with Micro of Def Tech

Yuna Ito (AHH! She's HOT!!) and Micro of Def Tech (who the heck??) collaborated to create this song. This song is entitled from two Hawaiian words, Maha... emm... something and Aloha... HAHAHA... Crap, don't know much of this song. But you can check it out. Really nice... Half is in English so, ENJOY!!!

There you go, more new song for you to check. Onegaishimasu!!
Your IQ Is 110

Your Logical Intelligence is Below Average

Your Verbal Intelligence is Above Average

Your Mathematical Intelligence is Genius

Your General Knowledge is Above Average

Aww okay larr...

Try it out...

What amazes me is how much amount of code is needed to produce that thing above. Check it out!!

Internet explorer : View -> Source
Mozilla Firefox : View -> Page Source

Other browsers, it's the same thing larr...

Done and dusted... PMR left...


EXAM's OVER!! My last Seni (Art) examinations which I always get a C will never haunt me again... WHOoO HOO!!!

The thing I hate about exams is the time when you get your papers back. My heart pounds hard like it was trying to jump out of my chest. The only other time that happened was when I was on a date.. eheh...

Ahh, forget about it. PMR is a public examination every 15 years old student have to face in Malaysia. Mine will start at 1st October 2007 to the 5th October 2007. Emm... My plans?? Ahhh... nothin at all... I got to start planning now...

How about u? For those in Form 3, what are your plans? Leave comments please!!

YUI - Love & Truth

Thanks to Tokine from YUI-Fans for this. Here you go, YUI's preview of her upcoming single.

The ol' YUI is back!! AHHAHAA... Her voice is just sooo sweet... Can't wait for the latest single to be released!!

I'm in Sophia's Blogger list!!!



I'm in Sophia's "Other Blogger's" List!! YEAH!!! I've waited so long, finally, I'm in!!
Check her blog by clicking on her name in the table on the right.

OH yeah!! This is the start of something new for FFX Madman!! Gambate!!!!! YEAH!! I'm among those people in that list!! YEAH!! It means a lot to me. Arigatou Gozaimasu, Sophia-san!!

P.S, u should notice that I've got really nothin much to talk about.. ahaha.. cyaZ!!

Never ask me to cook....


Once again, I would like to apologise for the delay of updates. Unfortunately, this will be the kind of trend from now onwards. Actually, it's been like this since May. AHAHAH... There are a few reasons why I don't blog often...

No. 1
-> Nothin pops in my mind.

No. 2
-> My F***** brother hogging the computer.

No. 3
-> Way to busy with other stuff...

Today, I will write about my experience in cooking. Wanna see what I cook?? Here you go!!!

K lar... not too bad...

It's not attractive I know. It's still food bar... Now, what did I put?? Some vegetable which I don't know the name and some carrots. They were still raw by the way... Some noodles which took me 5mins to boil in the boiling water. Added some seasoning and soy sauce. The problem with this meal is the egg. Know why


Do you see something at the side of the egg??


See properly!!


Look at it very very closely!!!


Now, I'm gonna show you the other side of the egg. Don't vomit k!!




It looks like some lungs with cancer fried in a barbeque pit... *YUCKS*


Guess what? FFX Madman finised the damn meal thing to the very last cancer cell, i mean, bite...

The morale of the story:

1. Don't eat 'hangus' (over-cooked) food, it sucks real bad.

2. Don't ask me to cook!! HAha...


FFX Madman's Single Ranking

AHH!! Have not been updating lately. Sorry!! My life has been really boring and I got nothin much to tell you guys. I've been "in the nut" (doing the same things over and over again, or is it?? Cikgu YII!! Correct kah???) lately.

So, here's my latest ranking of J-pop songs I've added the music player for each single for you to enjoy. If you like J-Pop like me, you'll love these songs!! Enjoy!!

1. Seventh Heaven - L'Arc~en~ciel

Ahh... I'm so addicted to this song. My first encounter with this song was not very pleasant... I was kinda angry because of something. Then, I checked the Oricon Charts. WAaa... This song got 1st in the renowned Oricon charts. I was kinda pissed off that time, so I checked Crunchyroll.com for this single's video. Once I heard it, I was jumping and kicking stuff around. Ironically, this song helps me to release my anger. HAHA... Maybe what those old folks talk about are right, every cloud has a silver lining. I found a great song (to me larr) that I love in the times of hate and pain. This song is a bit alternative rock and goth... Emm... not as serious as black metal... But hey, I'm addicted!!

2. My Generation - YUI

Ahh... My beloved YUI. You've been 1st on the Oricon Charts with this single but you have not gotten 1st in FFX Madman's Single Ranking. Ahhh.. One day, my dear.. one day...

She released this single with another song, Understand. It ranked 1st on the first week of it's sale on the Oricon Charts. There were not too many big artists that released singles during My Generation/Understand release week, so YUI ain't got much tough competition. Unfortunately, My Generation was knocked down 2 spots to 3rd by Gackt's (Very very very popular J-Artist) latest Single, RETURNER~Yami no Shuuen~. I did not actually really heard Gackt's latest single but I think it's should carry Gackt's legacy of deep deep sexy vocals... AHAH...

3. Lovin' You - Tohishinki (DBSK)

This song is super super nice... For emotional, sentimental, in love, just broke up people, this is the song for you to hear. This single was picked as a theme song of Japanese movie which I can't really remember. Emm, anyways, this is song is sang by a typical young Japanese boy band. Young, handsome, and in love... Normal larr... When it will be my turn, who knows... Their vocals are just great... Calming music for you.

4. Yorokobi no Uta - KAT-TUN

This song is one desperate song. They start it with the strumming of their electric guitar making it sound rockish. Then, some guy start to shout "YEAAHHH" in the background. After that, they started to sing "Aishiteru, aishiteru' which means, "I love you, I love you". That part of the song is just sooo desperate.. But I love it because it's so cute.. HAHA.... By now, you should know that I like cute things... Well, life is full of cute things and I love them all. Kawaii!!

5. Shiawase - Aiko

This song is one happy song. Aiko is a renowned J-Artist in Japan. Honestly, I've never heard of her other songs... HAHAHa... I'm a typical YUI-Lover... Her voice is just sooo cute... Check it out!

There you go. 5 new (including My Generation) J-songs for you to check out. To listen, you can click on the play button below each artist to hear their respective songs. Please larrr... comment... haha...