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FFX Madman's Top 5 Japanese Singles Ranking

1. Anata ga Ita Mori - Fate

This song is just sooo sad... It's the ending theme song for Fate Stay Night, the only anime I am committed to watch other than Naruto. Fate Stay Night is a really cool anime. Funny too.. There are servants and masters. This masters control the servants who are from olden times, like Hercules. The main character is Shiro and his servant is Saber. Saber's hot by the way. Shiro is kinda blur what he supposed to do but he's slowly learning about his role. Can't wait to watch it next Monday!!

2. Seventh Heaven - L'Arc~en~ciel

I'm just so in love with Hyde's vocal in this song. He's the lead vocalist in this band. Now, a little bit about L'Arc~en~ciel. The drummer, Yukihiro, was not the original drummer. He's the only person who was not originally with L'Arc~en~ciel. The original drummer, Sakura, was caught using heroine thus bring the band to the lowest point in the history of the band. Do you watched Samurai X? They performed for one of its ending theme, entitled 4th Avenue Cafe. Unfortunately, Sakura was arrested during that time. The theme song was only used for about 6 episodes. All of the band's CDs and merchandises were taken off the shelf thus bring the band to a slump. Anyway's the band's back, with Hyde as their main vocalist, Ken with his guitar, Tetsu with his bass, and Yukihiro rockin with the band, nothin can bring this band down again. Unless Hyde was caught with drugs... aHH!! NO!!!

3. My Generation - YUI

YUI!! My LoVE!! I love your voice so much. This song tells the story of her determination to be a singer when she was 16. The video is sooo coooOOoolll!!!! She will be releasing another single in September, entitled Love and Truth. Can't wait, can't wait!!! Gambate YUI!!!

4. Free - ERIKA

ERIKA!! This is her first song under the name ERIKA!! For those who don't know who is ERIKA, she is Erika Sawajiri A.K.A Kaoru Amane from Taiyou No Uta "DRAMA" series. So, she's the one who took YUI's character. YUI starred in Tayou No Uta (Midnight Sun) "MOVIE" version. I liked YUI as Kaoru better though... Nvm, this is a new start for ERIKA. Gud luck in your musix career. By the way, she looks sweet in the picture on the left but in the music video, she's soooOooo gothic and wild.. ahaha... Check it out!!

5. Mahaloha - Yuna Ito with Micro of Def Tech

Yuna Ito (AHH! She's HOT!!) and Micro of Def Tech (who the heck??) collaborated to create this song. This song is entitled from two Hawaiian words, Maha... emm... something and Aloha... HAHAHA... Crap, don't know much of this song. But you can check it out. Really nice... Half is in English so, ENJOY!!!

There you go, more new song for you to check. Onegaishimasu!!


why all japanese one?


Dah lah the title My Top 5 Japanese singles haha, what did u expect??

hehe... That Erika's hot!! AHAH!!!


yeah it does hehe. Erika's hot? but YUI's hotter <3 =D


hohohohohohohohoho... thanks for the comment!!