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AHH!! Have not been updating lately. Sorry!! My life has been really boring and I got nothin much to tell you guys. I've been "in the nut" (doing the same things over and over again, or is it?? Cikgu YII!! Correct kah???) lately.

So, here's my latest ranking of J-pop songs I've added the music player for each single for you to enjoy. If you like J-Pop like me, you'll love these songs!! Enjoy!!

1. Seventh Heaven - L'Arc~en~ciel

Ahh... I'm so addicted to this song. My first encounter with this song was not very pleasant... I was kinda angry because of something. Then, I checked the Oricon Charts. WAaa... This song got 1st in the renowned Oricon charts. I was kinda pissed off that time, so I checked Crunchyroll.com for this single's video. Once I heard it, I was jumping and kicking stuff around. Ironically, this song helps me to release my anger. HAHA... Maybe what those old folks talk about are right, every cloud has a silver lining. I found a great song (to me larr) that I love in the times of hate and pain. This song is a bit alternative rock and goth... Emm... not as serious as black metal... But hey, I'm addicted!!

2. My Generation - YUI

Ahh... My beloved YUI. You've been 1st on the Oricon Charts with this single but you have not gotten 1st in FFX Madman's Single Ranking. Ahhh.. One day, my dear.. one day...

She released this single with another song, Understand. It ranked 1st on the first week of it's sale on the Oricon Charts. There were not too many big artists that released singles during My Generation/Understand release week, so YUI ain't got much tough competition. Unfortunately, My Generation was knocked down 2 spots to 3rd by Gackt's (Very very very popular J-Artist) latest Single, RETURNER~Yami no Shuuen~. I did not actually really heard Gackt's latest single but I think it's should carry Gackt's legacy of deep deep sexy vocals... AHAH...

3. Lovin' You - Tohishinki (DBSK)

This song is super super nice... For emotional, sentimental, in love, just broke up people, this is the song for you to hear. This single was picked as a theme song of Japanese movie which I can't really remember. Emm, anyways, this is song is sang by a typical young Japanese boy band. Young, handsome, and in love... Normal larr... When it will be my turn, who knows... Their vocals are just great... Calming music for you.

4. Yorokobi no Uta - KAT-TUN

This song is one desperate song. They start it with the strumming of their electric guitar making it sound rockish. Then, some guy start to shout "YEAAHHH" in the background. After that, they started to sing "Aishiteru, aishiteru' which means, "I love you, I love you". That part of the song is just sooo desperate.. But I love it because it's so cute.. HAHA.... By now, you should know that I like cute things... Well, life is full of cute things and I love them all. Kawaii!!

5. Shiawase - Aiko

This song is one happy song. Aiko is a renowned J-Artist in Japan. Honestly, I've never heard of her other songs... HAHAHa... I'm a typical YUI-Lover... Her voice is just sooo cute... Check it out!

There you go. 5 new (including My Generation) J-songs for you to check out. To listen, you can click on the play button below each artist to hear their respective songs. Please larrr... comment... haha...


L'Arc~en~ciel over YUI you've got to be kidding me! :P. Though I love Shiawase it just sounds so happy and sweet, wish I could understand what she's singing >.>. Looking forward to your next post :)



Hyde's vocal really touched me from the heart... ahhaa... that's why he got first... nvm nvm, yui still maintain second in my list... last week, wentz eiji dropped from 1st to all the way out of my list... ahaha...

Any nice songs to recommend to me tokine?? I'll love to hear more from you!!

Thank you for visiting my site!

YUI!! Itsumademo (Forever/Everlasting)!!!!