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I'm in Sophia's Blogger list!!!



I'm in Sophia's "Other Blogger's" List!! YEAH!!! I've waited so long, finally, I'm in!!
Check her blog by clicking on her name in the table on the right.

OH yeah!! This is the start of something new for FFX Madman!! Gambate!!!!! YEAH!! I'm among those people in that list!! YEAH!! It means a lot to me. Arigatou Gozaimasu, Sophia-san!!

P.S, u should notice that I've got really nothin much to talk about.. ahaha.. cyaZ!!


Only my name has been clicked, WOOOOOO!!!!!


I read your blog often mar.. haha... hey, u goin rainforest festival kah?? Enjoy urself!! Show them the way how to play sape, guitar style!


Wa, why so big reaction?? xS
I accidentally left yours out and so I quickly added the link. LOl, sry sry