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Results So far... part 2

Science -> 87%

YEAH!! A!!!!!!!

See mum, I did study!! HA HA HA HA HA!!

Sejarah (HISTORY)-> 80%

Another above 80 mark. Good work FFX Madman. I need to get higher lar... dang it... you know, there's this guy in my class, specifically named, LIM SU WEI.

HE GOT 2 wrong ONLY!!! HE GOT 97% in his Sejarah (History) test!! AHH!! WHAT THE H***!!!

I know lar you, Su Wei, so smart... ehh.. didn't tell me ur blog... ah... better tell me soon, SU WEI!!!

Kemahiran Hidup (Life skills??) -> 63%

YEAH!! C!!!! How am I supposed to survive?? I got a C?? AHHH!! I'm only supposed to get 75% to receive an A. What the hell... nvm nvm, mock exam I'll do better!!! YEAH!!!!