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Results So far... part 3

So, my latest results are...

Pendidikan Seni dan Visual (Art) - 71%

YEAH!! I got a B for SENI!!! AAHAHA...

This is the first time I get more than 30/50 for my lukisan (artwork). I got 38/50. AHHAHA... I'm soo happy!! I did a calligraphy work then. My theory is predictable because I don't really studied on anything about art. Ahh... oh well... Bahasa Malaysia, English and Moral left... oh please let them be high!!


wow you're very demanding of your self huh. Imo you're doing a GREAT JOB! damn your not happy with a B that's really hard to believe because it's like once a year that I get a B (I'm a real C student haha).
Anyway when are your last exams? and good luck!