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A special day with a special person

Wow, I have not updated for months and I'm very sorry. Life has been very hard on me and I kinda left my blog. Well it's the holidays now and I want to revive my old passion for blogging.

Last Monday was Fiona's birthday and I was stuck in college doing maths paper that I think I screwed up like the rest of the exams papers.

So I took an immediate flight from Selangor back to Kuching so that I'll be Kuching for Fiona's birthday surprise the next day!!!

The day started well, we watched Rapunzel in 3D!!! The movie was so romantic and funny!!! I always wondered how they made such cool animations, I would love to try it one day!!!

We cam-whored!!

And cam whored!!!

Again and again and again!!

Then I brought her to MPH while waiting for the confirmation from my partner in crime, Joshua Lee, who is attending to our other friends, waiting at Tarot Cafe to surprise her. I

After everyone arrived at Tarot Cafe, we drove from Spring to Tarot Cafe!!

There, our old friends surprised her!!!! Lol!! She was so happy!!!! haha

We ate our food and we celebrated with a cake and birthday songs. We played UNO and chat all night...

On our way back, I let her use my w995 phone with super clear screen and wore my earphones. Then, I showed her the video I compiled for her birthday.

Tell you a story, I never knew Fiona's INTEC friends but I decided to just send a request to as many of them I have in Facebook. I was worried whether they would reply me, knowing that they don't know me at all. How surprised was I when most of them replied positively and did their best to do birthday wishes for her. I took this challenge and compiled a birthday video for her. It was a very fun thing to do, for a special person in my life, on her special day ^^

Here's the video hahah...

Without saying

I should have done that
I should have ignored it
Like something I couldn’t see
I shouldn’t look at you at all

I should have run away
I should have acted like I didn’t hear it
Like something I couldn’t hear
I shouldn’t have listened to love at all

Without a word, you let me know love
Without a word, you give me love
You made me even hold of your breath
but youran away like this
Without a word, love leaves me
Without a word, love tossed me away

What should I say next?
My closed lips were surprised on their own
Coming without any words
Why does it hurt so much?

Why does it hurt continuously?
Except for the fact that I can’t see you anymore
And that you are not here anymore
Otherwise, it’s the same as before

Without a word, you let me know love
Without a word, you give me love
You made me even hold of your breath
but you ran away like this

Without a word, love leaves me
Without a word, love tossed me away
What should I say next?
My closed lips were surprised on their own

Without a word, tears fall
Without a word, my heart breaks down
Without a word, I waited for love
Without a word, love hurts me

I zone out
I become a fool because I cry looking at the sky
Without a word, fire well finds me
Without a word, the end comes to me

I think my heart was surprise to send you away
without any preparations
It came without a word
Without a word, it comes and leaves
Like the fever before, maybe all I need to do
is hurt for a while

Quick Update...

Omg so long I haven update....

My life in banting getting worse, getting more work and more stress...

But I'll managed...

I miss you dear...

Snapshot of M10T

These are the people in my class in Mara College Banting batch 2010/2012.

Hafiz and Zumar, don ask me what they doin ahah

khairie!!! U know this guy laughed till his eye so red and teary hahaa....

So funnY!!!

HAha your truly.... ^^

Khairie, Syazwan and me ^^

Here's a photo collage, done my Zira.

haha I love my class, love them all ^^

missin you lots dear.

Can't wear a Man United Jersey??

Did you heard about the issue bout wearing Man united Jerseys?

cause they got devils symbols...

I would still wear them, I don give a damn... lol....

Man United FOREVER!!!

Miss you so even more dear...

Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows Trailer

waaa waaaa, can't wait to watch this!!!
The end Harry Potter series!!

Miss you even more dear...


Yesterday was my classmate's birthday!!!

Most of us came from a different background but all of us were like very close already haha...

We sang her a birthday song

She's so happy ahahhaha... U better be!!! ^^

Here's some pic out of my class...

yeap, fields and trees ahhaa....

Me and Khairie...

Can't wait to graduate and fly to UK!!

Miss you so much dear....

Regretting my past

AhHH! I wished I had studies and understood better in BIO and CHEM last when I was in form 5.
Now i'm in IB, (International Baccalaurete) world school and I'm surrounded by straight A+ people and straight A1s people, and I'm so blur in class...

I don want to lose to FIONA NG KA CHEN!!!


I miss u so much dear,

here's some thing I got in my email,

You cut a used bottle....

Then u scroll down...

Scroll some more...

Scroll some more...

Some gay guy wit his cat, this pic is cute okay, nothing wrong to love ur pet..

Then u do this..

Tadahhh... such a waste of time!!!! ^^

Mentor-Mentee Project

Here's what we did for our first mentor-mentee session...
We drew ourselves then cut it to 8 pieces. Then we have to find our friend's picture and complete it.

Here's some of the pics me and my classmates made..

This one's mine haah!

We got to smile everyday haha

My mentor-mentee group..

I miss you so much, honey ^^

Visit to Bukit Tinggi

Last week we visited Bukit Tinggi in Klang...

It's super huge

Like 3-4 times bigger than The Spring in Kuching, which is like the most popular shopping mall in Kuching...

It's filled with a lot of shops like

Brook's..... For brooke??

Ego Fit, for Egoistic people...

New Balance, for people who can't stand up straight...

9 months.... For women for 9 months...

Shop for headless people...

Shop of pinkish stuff

A bear that wants me to buy him, but sorry ahHH!! Bolui...

There were people

and more people....

We refreshed ourselves with Sjora (pronounced as SeJoRA)

and it's freaking good... RM2.50 i think...

And they sell SuSHIs tooo!!

I could have just ripped them open.... and put them into my mouth, and chewed on them and taste their tastefullness..

Oh crap...