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Happy 50th Independence Day... 50th meh??


On 31st August 2007, Malaysia celebrated its annual Hari Merdeka (Independence Day). What's so special about it? Well, Malaysia has reached the tally of 50 years of independence which is a half of a century. Whoo Ho!!!

Any changes or not??


Aww... let's talk about the celebration first k!!

The national wide midnight countdown was done in Petrajaya. uh.. I was asleep that time!! I'm not patriotic!!

Different parts of Malaysia also celebrated!!

People in Penang... Happy Birthday Malaysia!! That gurl in the middle is hot!! haah.. the one with white shirt larr.. what u think??

Dengan megah!! With all their pride!! Correct kah?? I don't know how to translate!!
These are the people in Kota Kinabalu... gila... ^^

The people in Johor were more civilised. Sitting down on the chair, look up at the fireworks, and just waved their flag. Yeah yea... malaysia... *yawn* mak, mengantuk larr..


Malaysians (actually the whole goverment) miscounted something... Tanah Melayu (Peninsular Malaysia) achieved its independence on August 31st, 1957. Malaysia is not yet formed!!

The one that is not blurrish Peninsular Malaysia.. Borneo Island looks funky.. ahahha

Sarawak and Sabah (Singapore too at first) joined at 16 September 1963. Then, Malaysia is formed!!! So!!! Here's my colourful Maths!!

So, Malaysia is only 44 years old!!!!

Post-KAYD Part 1

HI!! Sorry for the lack of updates. I'm really cutting down my blogging time from very little to super very little. I can say that I'm 'studying' for my exams but it's not entirely true. My bro is pissing me off so I don't want to see his face and he always stays somewhere to the computer. I'm currently holding my nerve before I actually punch him in the face.

K, back to blogging.


Last weekend, I joined KAYD (Kuching Archidiocesan Youth Day) in my hometown for three days.

Aaron L, Josh, and Wayne

People from all over Sarawak came over to Kuching just to praise and to know more about our Awesome God. Like Reening said, "let the pictures do the talking from now on" .Here's some photos from the camp.

Cute or not?? That guy take picture of me leer.. (perasaan...)

God loves all cultures and races... Love ya

My two crazy friends, Josh and Aaron L.

The two blessed singers, Sarah and Mary...

See what we had to eat?? Weii.. Friday, cannot eat meat larr..

That cloud caught my eye.. what does it look like to you??

Veron and Jude, our two blessed speakers... God bless you two!

Screaming to GOD!! That guy sempat posing too.. ahaha

k.. ain't got much time... Mum nagging!! Aahh... Ok ok, I'm a mummy's boy, so what?? I love it!! ^^


During the camp, we had a workshop. We have to spend RM30 (imaginary money) on qualities that I want my girlfriend to have. Since I don't have any, there's a lot of temptations there. But, here's my worksheet. Tell me what you think...

Here's the worksheet. Click on the picture to see a bigger view ^^

HAha... there's some dishonesty in that sheet but that's about it.

My bro is really pissing me off right now, I'll write more in the future...

Anne, the KAYD photographer, will post her pics at http://ashill.multiply.com

Check out her beautiful pics there. She said she might upload them in a few weeks time.. Argghh... the agony...

K!! Cya!! and please please comment!!

Being gay, what about it??

Two men showing each other love...

In the modern world, men don’t have the same power that they did have in the past. A new power has risen through the times of injustice and fear, the females. Slowly, they gain power of the world through sectors of great importance, like political influence, family and L-O-V-E. Men are in the losing side of this war.

Anyways, I don’t mind that we’re losing… Hehe…

It’s just so sad to see that in the past, women with great potential of making the world a better place had to stand behind the people who were proud of their balls. Based on the book, “The Da Vinci’s Code”, Dan Brown wrote about how the balance of the earth had shifted. The world was controlled by the ego and insensitivity of men without being checked and corrected by the peace-loving and caring nature of women. For those who actually believe in the Ying Yang or anything similar, you might have noticed that once the balance is not in equilibrium, disaster strikes.

Ying Yang ( or was it Yin Yang..)

I’m not a believer of these stuff but if you really think about it, it does make a lot of sense. Imagine a car with no tyres on one side. Will the car move??

Aiya, it looks so obvious.. anyways, u get my idea, a car with no tyres... man, the pic is so fake...

Imagine an airplane with only one wing… Will the airplane fly??

Ehh.. no wing!!!!

To progress in the best way human can progress is through the balance between men and women. I can’t understand girls, honestly. I had a few bad experiences with girls myself. So unpredictable!! That’s why I love them. ^^

I do know a few things about men. We want what we want. We have pride or ego that can cause fire between the best friends. We just don’t want to lose. We’ll even make a deal with the devil to accomplish our goal. Serious, once we want something badly, we’ll do anything to get it, no matter who got hurt in the process.

Just to make it clear, not all men are like that. There’s still that dream guy that you girls would like to have in the world. Aaron Ya Lun anyone???

Aaron Ya Lun... he's so popular...

So, what’s that got to do with being gay?? One word, SICKO.

They can desire a sports car, a big house, a new computer, peace and a lot of other stuff. I’ll be honest, I want to have a super hot girlfriend that takes care of me. Nothing wrong to fantasize right?? Why does this group of men want be with guys anyway??

Why do guys want to have sex with guys?? In my opinion, guys understand guys better, thus they know how to treat each other good. The same thing is also applicable to women. Women knows women better, they know how each other feel in different situations. All I can say about why guys want to have sex with each other differs from different sickos to sickos.

There’s one thing that I do know about gays, the two disadvantages that they experience by being intimate with the same sex.


Need I say more??

2. There’s nothing to put your stick in.

There's no picture that I can use to describe it...

With all due respect, the only hole you can actually fill in is his anus. Imagine all the shit in that anus. Do you really want to put it in there? Think twice my friend.

To end this post, I hope you won’t succumb to being attracted to the same sex in your life. God bless!!

Clouds of love

Clouds of Love... Nice pic though...

Have you ever felt in love??. Do you know how it feels?? Well, this post is especially to guys with raging hormones that fall in love with every single big-packed and butt-swaying girl.

Let me give you a situation. Let’s say you went out to your friend’s birthday party. Your friend is a very handsome and cool guy in your school. He’s in the most-wanted list of guys in the city. There’s bound to be some hot chicks coming around right? Anyways, you keep your feet on the ground. You had this in your mind “This party is for his birthday, not for me to flirt around with girls”. At least, that’s what you think.

You go to his party, feeling happy to be able to play his Playstation 2 and Xbox360. I’m so gonna play Burn Out!! WHoO HO!!

Cool game, smashin cars...

You arrive at his doorstep and you pressed that white switch with a picture of a bell ringing. The bell rang with a “DENG DONG”. You can hear people shouting inside the house. You heard sounds of cars crashing. Darn, someone else already played Burn Out!!

The door opened slowly with a slight creak. It takes ages for that door to open so that you can show those suckers how to crash a car in style.

yea, crash in style baby

The door opened and there, a young lady around your age, rather sharp nose, brunette slick long hair that reached pass her shoulders with a few strands of hair positioned in separate layered strands, moist red lips, legs as smooth as silk, face as perfect as a Clean & Clear model and those shiny brown eyes just makes you feel like in 7th heaven. Get it??

she looks so cute... don know what you think...

Guess what, you fell in love with her. You get her number and you two talk together for the whole night. Who cares about the birthday boy? Who cares about that Burn Out? You are all burn up with fire and passion for that lady, that girl you saw at the entrance of the house a few minutes ago.

The next day, you went to the cinema. There you saw another girl, pink ribbon tying her long hair, equipped with eyes of excitement, super-sizzling hot body and cheeks that you feel want to cuddle.

ahhh... that's Leah Dizon... so hot...

Suddenly, she came to you and asked, “Hi, you’re cute. Let’s watch a movie together.” She ended her sentence with the most breath-taking smile in the whole world. Her face turned from dazzling to super cute!! Who cares about the girl you saw yesterday, she’s the one that you want… Oh yea… How long did u make that conclusion? 2 minutes….

I’m not going to lie to you! Those stories are partly true from my own past experience. There are some parts which I purposely add in to make it the story clearer and to take away some attention from what really happened. ^^

Anyways, it’s true. Love is blind!!!

Guys, if you are around 18 years and below, it is common for you guys to fall for someone from the opposite sex. If you like someone that has the same private parts with you, talk to your counselor. Sicko…

No offense to gays and lesbians, I hate you guys!

If you fall in love during school time, it’s just love that will not last. You will like someone else in the future anyway. So, don’t waste your time. Guys, please please please don’t buy stuff for your so-called-love-of-your-life. No offense to girls nowadays but most girls are just too pampered. Sophia did an entry about PMS in that past which I dare say is quite logical. Click here to check it out.

I see my close friends burning their money by buying rings which cost RM25 each (this is a lot, don’t get me wrong, this is a lot of money!!) and necklaces which cost around RM50 each. One of friend even bought a digital camera for her which RM899.90 and it’s pink.


Girls, if you look for guys with cash, you are so going to lose him. Guys that spend cash like it’s the end of the world will obviously spend his time with other girls too. Don’t think that you’re hot and he will not leave you. He will once leave you once he’s bored with you.

Guys, it’s okay to buy your girl some stuff. Out of sincerity, go ahead. A friend is a friend. Don’t buy something because she wants it. Buy something that she likes (not want) and that you would like to give her.

Girls, please don’t let him do the buying. Guys like to get stuff too ^^

From my past experience, love hurts. My advice, be friends or best friends. Don’t go over the line. The line between best friends and girlfriends/boyfriends are considered thin but it’s rather thick. Here’s a few hints when you starting to treat your friend as that someone special.

+ You start to buy her/him expensive stuff, way more expensive than the usual things.

+ You start to get jealous whenever she/he spends time with his/her other friends that are the opposite sex.

+ You wonder what he/she is doing


+ You start to dream and day dream about him/her

+ You write his/her name on anything that can be written on.

+ You start to dress up in ways that she will like.

Most of my girl friends like him...

+ You talk with each other so long till very late at night.

Ehh.. desperate-nya... pathetic...

+ Obviously, you send each other love messages. You might mean it, but she/he might take it as “a friend message”.

Muax muax muax

There's thousands of hints and signs when you're in love. If you are still in school, stay as close friends larr... you must not succumb to your hormones and worldly desires - yet - ^^

Please kindly comment!!

Funny video...

This is a manifesto video about an election. I'm not into politics but this video made by Kenny Sia, is just so funny. Check it out.

Hope this brightens ur weekends!

Difference between age...

Here's a friendly community message from my lovely friends at Chemsain

funny, ... but

Differences by each ten years.

FunAndFunOnly (www.mails4u.net.tc)

What is the difference between girls
aged: 8, 18, 28, 38, and 48, 58 and 68?

FunAndFunOnly (www.mails4u.net.tc)

At 8 - You take her to bed and tell her a story.

FunAndFunOnly (www.mails4u.net.tc)

At 18 - You tell her a story and take her to bed.

FunAndFunOnly (www.mails4u.net.tc)

At 28 - You don't need to tell her a story to take her to bed. But you'll be taken by her to bed.

FunAndFunOnly (www.mails4u.net.tc)

At 38 - She tells you a story and takes you to bed.

FunAndFunOnly (www.mails4u.net.tc)

At 48 - You tell her a story to avoid going to bed.

FunAndFunOnly (www.mails4u.net.tc)

At 58 - You stay in bed to avoid her story.

FunAndFunOnly (www.mails4u.net.tc)

At 68 - If you take her to bed, that'll be a story!!

Sir Alex Ferguson... A hubby??


You know who is this guy??

This is Sir Alex Ferguson, the current manager of the Barclays English Premier League Champions,

Manchester United

This is an interesting newspaper article from a local newspaper about Sir Alex's private life.

Wife grounds Fergie over pre-season friendlies.

LONDON - Manager Sir Alex Ferguson has been ruled out of attending Manchester United's two pre-season friendlies yesterday - by his wife, Cathy.

While the Premier League champions have teams in action at Glentoran in Belfast and Dunfermline in Scotland, their manager has a house move to organise, according to British media.

"I told her I had a match that day, but she wasn't having any of that."

"She said it was only a friendly and that I had to help her," Ferguson was quoted as saying.

Awwwwwww.... The most famous manager of all time, the one who relentlessly gave the 'hairdryer' treatment to players who don't perform as expected of them. What's a hairdryer treatment?? Ah, it's meant Sir Alex dries his player's chest hair. Oh my gosh... ahahhahahahahaaha.... Rasa lawak...

K, back to serious matters. The hairdryer treatment is when Sir Alex shows his bad side. He will relentlessly and mercilessly talk, no, lecture, no, scream, no what's that word... Ahhh...

'Stomp' on your head with his cruel words until u can't afford to stand up and u feel like u want to leave the club and burn Sir Alex's hair and coffin before it's even used before u reach the doorstep and just kick him in the ass and just say, "Who are u, ur not playin dammit!!". In order words, Sir Alex will specifically point out what's wrong with his game and just expresses it Scottish style. You won't like a Scot when he's angry.

Here's a few players that was given the hairdryer treatment.

Jaap Stam, one of Europe's most proficient central defenders. He got the hairdryer treatment and he moved on. I'm now left in the dark what happened... I wonder what did Jaap do?? emm.............

Ahhh... this guy. Everyone know's him. Yorke? No, the guy he's holding! That's David Beckham. Famous for his abnormal bend of free kick. Really, can u bend it like Beckham??? Ahh??? U can??? Oh shaddap... I can't... at least I'm realistic though. Beckham had a row with Sir Alex and it resulted in his transfer to Real Madrid. He didn't fight at all to keep Beckham in the team. He just got a transfer bid and just let him leave... Ahh... so sad... I was sad that day... But who cares, CCCRrrrrrrrrRRRistiano Ronaldo came in!! Whoo HO!!! Who cares about Beckham anyway.. No offense!!

Ahh.. this guy. Eric Cantona!! He's just crazy... ahhaa... know why??? look at the pic below!

There!! BAM!! It's that guy's fault anyway. Man Utd was losing that time (i think, can't remember) and that guy just have to open his big mouth and criticise Cantona for not scoring and few other stuff. Wish there's a microphone there, I don't know what he was saying...
Eric's happy now, kinda fat, but happy.

Wanna see his picture now?? Here u go!!

YEAH!! Hot untanned, unwashed (just kidding), unshaved chest hair (no need to shave larr.. be proud man) and that hot moustache.. hahaha... What u think?? Yep, he's happy all right!!!

Now, back to serious stuff. Sir Alex and Eric kinda patched up. Everything is fine now. Both parties just love football and that unites them!! Football is an international languange anyway... ahhaa... Hey, American's that's right!! FOOTBALL is better than THAT FOOTBALL u guys play with using ur hands and those hot cheerleaders... ahh... AMERICAN FOOTBALL!!! K, that wasn't funny...

All those stories, he's a tough man on and off the field, but with his wife, he's just a cute hubby. Here's a picture of them together!!

K, that was a long post. Please comment, ur comments drive me on!!!