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Coffee... Em...

This post is especially for Sophia and Reening.

For a long time, research on coffee has been too simplistic, by largely being centred on just caffeine, while coffee is an extremely complex drink. The drink's benefits far surpass the lift it brings to the morning routine of its devotees. Coffee contains chlorogenic acids and melanoids which trap so-called free radicals, or atomic particles which damage DNA, and also powerful anti-oxidants involved in the prevention of cellular damage.

Coffee can also cut the risk of cirrhosis by up to 80%. There is strong epidemiological evidence that coffee consumpton can prevent Parkinson's disease in men. The risk of type two diabetes, linked to poor eating habits and a lack of exercise, can be halved by drinking coffee daily.

Coffee is more efficient than fruits and vegetables in preventing the oxidation of DNA, the source of a number of serious illnesses, especially cancers, says a researcher from the medical faculty of University of Vienna.

So that means..


is this for real?


Totally wrong! Coffee no good! Me no want coffee!


hehe... Researchers nowadays make new findings everytime... see lor, try it out and tell me if its okay.. hehe


well, i love coffee n i do agree that there are a lot of misunderstandings about coffee. :D i love ur entry but maybe if u could give us a link to the source then maybe that'll be more credible? :D

and why u never dedicate entry to me lar?! tsk tsk tsk


HI!! EHON!!!

Ha... i got it in a batu lintang exam paper hahaha.... Can it be trusted??

U also don dedicate to me too ^^ nvm nvm, next time, any more medical stuff or anything i dedicate to you!!

THanks for reading!!




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