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Happy 50th Independence Day... 50th meh??


On 31st August 2007, Malaysia celebrated its annual Hari Merdeka (Independence Day). What's so special about it? Well, Malaysia has reached the tally of 50 years of independence which is a half of a century. Whoo Ho!!!

Any changes or not??


Aww... let's talk about the celebration first k!!

The national wide midnight countdown was done in Petrajaya. uh.. I was asleep that time!! I'm not patriotic!!

Different parts of Malaysia also celebrated!!

People in Penang... Happy Birthday Malaysia!! That gurl in the middle is hot!! haah.. the one with white shirt larr.. what u think??

Dengan megah!! With all their pride!! Correct kah?? I don't know how to translate!!
These are the people in Kota Kinabalu... gila... ^^

The people in Johor were more civilised. Sitting down on the chair, look up at the fireworks, and just waved their flag. Yeah yea... malaysia... *yawn* mak, mengantuk larr..


Malaysians (actually the whole goverment) miscounted something... Tanah Melayu (Peninsular Malaysia) achieved its independence on August 31st, 1957. Malaysia is not yet formed!!

The one that is not blurrish Peninsular Malaysia.. Borneo Island looks funky.. ahahha

Sarawak and Sabah (Singapore too at first) joined at 16 September 1963. Then, Malaysia is formed!!! So!!! Here's my colourful Maths!!

So, Malaysia is only 44 years old!!!!


people salah eja larr... malaysia is only formed from 1963, not 1957. They salah kira, they counted wrongly...

It's supposed to be 44 years...

ahh... please, knock some math sense into those politicians...