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Sir Alex Ferguson... A hubby??


You know who is this guy??

This is Sir Alex Ferguson, the current manager of the Barclays English Premier League Champions,

Manchester United

This is an interesting newspaper article from a local newspaper about Sir Alex's private life.

Wife grounds Fergie over pre-season friendlies.

LONDON - Manager Sir Alex Ferguson has been ruled out of attending Manchester United's two pre-season friendlies yesterday - by his wife, Cathy.

While the Premier League champions have teams in action at Glentoran in Belfast and Dunfermline in Scotland, their manager has a house move to organise, according to British media.

"I told her I had a match that day, but she wasn't having any of that."

"She said it was only a friendly and that I had to help her," Ferguson was quoted as saying.

Awwwwwww.... The most famous manager of all time, the one who relentlessly gave the 'hairdryer' treatment to players who don't perform as expected of them. What's a hairdryer treatment?? Ah, it's meant Sir Alex dries his player's chest hair. Oh my gosh... ahahhahahahahaaha.... Rasa lawak...

K, back to serious matters. The hairdryer treatment is when Sir Alex shows his bad side. He will relentlessly and mercilessly talk, no, lecture, no, scream, no what's that word... Ahhh...

'Stomp' on your head with his cruel words until u can't afford to stand up and u feel like u want to leave the club and burn Sir Alex's hair and coffin before it's even used before u reach the doorstep and just kick him in the ass and just say, "Who are u, ur not playin dammit!!". In order words, Sir Alex will specifically point out what's wrong with his game and just expresses it Scottish style. You won't like a Scot when he's angry.

Here's a few players that was given the hairdryer treatment.

Jaap Stam, one of Europe's most proficient central defenders. He got the hairdryer treatment and he moved on. I'm now left in the dark what happened... I wonder what did Jaap do?? emm.............

Ahhh... this guy. Everyone know's him. Yorke? No, the guy he's holding! That's David Beckham. Famous for his abnormal bend of free kick. Really, can u bend it like Beckham??? Ahh??? U can??? Oh shaddap... I can't... at least I'm realistic though. Beckham had a row with Sir Alex and it resulted in his transfer to Real Madrid. He didn't fight at all to keep Beckham in the team. He just got a transfer bid and just let him leave... Ahh... so sad... I was sad that day... But who cares, CCCRrrrrrrrrRRRistiano Ronaldo came in!! Whoo HO!!! Who cares about Beckham anyway.. No offense!!

Ahh.. this guy. Eric Cantona!! He's just crazy... ahhaa... know why??? look at the pic below!

There!! BAM!! It's that guy's fault anyway. Man Utd was losing that time (i think, can't remember) and that guy just have to open his big mouth and criticise Cantona for not scoring and few other stuff. Wish there's a microphone there, I don't know what he was saying...
Eric's happy now, kinda fat, but happy.

Wanna see his picture now?? Here u go!!

YEAH!! Hot untanned, unwashed (just kidding), unshaved chest hair (no need to shave larr.. be proud man) and that hot moustache.. hahaha... What u think?? Yep, he's happy all right!!!

Now, back to serious stuff. Sir Alex and Eric kinda patched up. Everything is fine now. Both parties just love football and that unites them!! Football is an international languange anyway... ahhaa... Hey, American's that's right!! FOOTBALL is better than THAT FOOTBALL u guys play with using ur hands and those hot cheerleaders... ahh... AMERICAN FOOTBALL!!! K, that wasn't funny...

All those stories, he's a tough man on and off the field, but with his wife, he's just a cute hubby. Here's a picture of them together!!

K, that was a long post. Please comment, ur comments drive me on!!!


all Hail MU!

You do know that this is the team that set the world class level a 1% higher last year?