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Clouds of love

Clouds of Love... Nice pic though...

Have you ever felt in love??. Do you know how it feels?? Well, this post is especially to guys with raging hormones that fall in love with every single big-packed and butt-swaying girl.

Let me give you a situation. Let’s say you went out to your friend’s birthday party. Your friend is a very handsome and cool guy in your school. He’s in the most-wanted list of guys in the city. There’s bound to be some hot chicks coming around right? Anyways, you keep your feet on the ground. You had this in your mind “This party is for his birthday, not for me to flirt around with girls”. At least, that’s what you think.

You go to his party, feeling happy to be able to play his Playstation 2 and Xbox360. I’m so gonna play Burn Out!! WHoO HO!!

Cool game, smashin cars...

You arrive at his doorstep and you pressed that white switch with a picture of a bell ringing. The bell rang with a “DENG DONG”. You can hear people shouting inside the house. You heard sounds of cars crashing. Darn, someone else already played Burn Out!!

The door opened slowly with a slight creak. It takes ages for that door to open so that you can show those suckers how to crash a car in style.

yea, crash in style baby

The door opened and there, a young lady around your age, rather sharp nose, brunette slick long hair that reached pass her shoulders with a few strands of hair positioned in separate layered strands, moist red lips, legs as smooth as silk, face as perfect as a Clean & Clear model and those shiny brown eyes just makes you feel like in 7th heaven. Get it??

she looks so cute... don know what you think...

Guess what, you fell in love with her. You get her number and you two talk together for the whole night. Who cares about the birthday boy? Who cares about that Burn Out? You are all burn up with fire and passion for that lady, that girl you saw at the entrance of the house a few minutes ago.

The next day, you went to the cinema. There you saw another girl, pink ribbon tying her long hair, equipped with eyes of excitement, super-sizzling hot body and cheeks that you feel want to cuddle.

ahhh... that's Leah Dizon... so hot...

Suddenly, she came to you and asked, “Hi, you’re cute. Let’s watch a movie together.” She ended her sentence with the most breath-taking smile in the whole world. Her face turned from dazzling to super cute!! Who cares about the girl you saw yesterday, she’s the one that you want… Oh yea… How long did u make that conclusion? 2 minutes….

I’m not going to lie to you! Those stories are partly true from my own past experience. There are some parts which I purposely add in to make it the story clearer and to take away some attention from what really happened. ^^

Anyways, it’s true. Love is blind!!!

Guys, if you are around 18 years and below, it is common for you guys to fall for someone from the opposite sex. If you like someone that has the same private parts with you, talk to your counselor. Sicko…

No offense to gays and lesbians, I hate you guys!

If you fall in love during school time, it’s just love that will not last. You will like someone else in the future anyway. So, don’t waste your time. Guys, please please please don’t buy stuff for your so-called-love-of-your-life. No offense to girls nowadays but most girls are just too pampered. Sophia did an entry about PMS in that past which I dare say is quite logical. Click here to check it out.

I see my close friends burning their money by buying rings which cost RM25 each (this is a lot, don’t get me wrong, this is a lot of money!!) and necklaces which cost around RM50 each. One of friend even bought a digital camera for her which RM899.90 and it’s pink.


Girls, if you look for guys with cash, you are so going to lose him. Guys that spend cash like it’s the end of the world will obviously spend his time with other girls too. Don’t think that you’re hot and he will not leave you. He will once leave you once he’s bored with you.

Guys, it’s okay to buy your girl some stuff. Out of sincerity, go ahead. A friend is a friend. Don’t buy something because she wants it. Buy something that she likes (not want) and that you would like to give her.

Girls, please don’t let him do the buying. Guys like to get stuff too ^^

From my past experience, love hurts. My advice, be friends or best friends. Don’t go over the line. The line between best friends and girlfriends/boyfriends are considered thin but it’s rather thick. Here’s a few hints when you starting to treat your friend as that someone special.

+ You start to buy her/him expensive stuff, way more expensive than the usual things.

+ You start to get jealous whenever she/he spends time with his/her other friends that are the opposite sex.

+ You wonder what he/she is doing


+ You start to dream and day dream about him/her

+ You write his/her name on anything that can be written on.

+ You start to dress up in ways that she will like.

Most of my girl friends like him...

+ You talk with each other so long till very late at night.

Ehh.. desperate-nya... pathetic...

+ Obviously, you send each other love messages. You might mean it, but she/he might take it as “a friend message”.

Muax muax muax

There's thousands of hints and signs when you're in love. If you are still in school, stay as close friends larr... you must not succumb to your hormones and worldly desires - yet - ^^

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awesome man!

Though I liked Leah Dizon better than Yui.

Go die gays/lesbians!!!!


Lol.. nice post.. are u in love? haha



You two drive me on!!

Reening: I still love YUI ^^

Adel : I was in love but that love hurts. Just want to make sure you guys don't feel the pain i felt :(

Andrew Ricky

WOw!!!Im agreeing so much wit u!!Dats trully a gud post!!!Vry vry true indeed..HAHaHA!!!I also agree about d fact dat love hurts but sumtime its gud though..^^anyway,better not past d limits or line..lolx...


Keep on posting! I'll find new stuff later!


Lol dude.. I don't mean to be the devil's advocate for this but some may last long..You both just have to love each other very much lar.. Lol..

And buying stuff definitely ain't wrong but buying a 900 buck cam is just stupid.. I can buy a Core 2 Duo with that.. :P

Dude.. You're seriously in love and that always isn't a good thing.. Just keep the spark there.. Then it'll last..

@Reening: Dude, why are you so homophobic?? Traumatising experience?


*isn't always a bad thing..


nice blog man...like the pics of u thinking bout yui..haha,so common among us boys this days...keep posting man..ur blog rocks.... chows..


hey dude its derek here
hahah ur blog is awesome
and leah dizon is HAWT!!!
i have like.... 20 pics of her lol.
and well... i nvr had any experience wif love so ill take ur word for it