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Post-KAYD Part 1

HI!! Sorry for the lack of updates. I'm really cutting down my blogging time from very little to super very little. I can say that I'm 'studying' for my exams but it's not entirely true. My bro is pissing me off so I don't want to see his face and he always stays somewhere to the computer. I'm currently holding my nerve before I actually punch him in the face.

K, back to blogging.


Last weekend, I joined KAYD (Kuching Archidiocesan Youth Day) in my hometown for three days.

Aaron L, Josh, and Wayne

People from all over Sarawak came over to Kuching just to praise and to know more about our Awesome God. Like Reening said, "let the pictures do the talking from now on" .Here's some photos from the camp.

Cute or not?? That guy take picture of me leer.. (perasaan...)

God loves all cultures and races... Love ya

My two crazy friends, Josh and Aaron L.

The two blessed singers, Sarah and Mary...

See what we had to eat?? Weii.. Friday, cannot eat meat larr..

That cloud caught my eye.. what does it look like to you??

Veron and Jude, our two blessed speakers... God bless you two!

Screaming to GOD!! That guy sempat posing too.. ahaha

k.. ain't got much time... Mum nagging!! Aahh... Ok ok, I'm a mummy's boy, so what?? I love it!! ^^


During the camp, we had a workshop. We have to spend RM30 (imaginary money) on qualities that I want my girlfriend to have. Since I don't have any, there's a lot of temptations there. But, here's my worksheet. Tell me what you think...

Here's the worksheet. Click on the picture to see a bigger view ^^

HAha... there's some dishonesty in that sheet but that's about it.

My bro is really pissing me off right now, I'll write more in the future...

Anne, the KAYD photographer, will post her pics at http://ashill.multiply.com

Check out her beautiful pics there. She said she might upload them in a few weeks time.. Argghh... the agony...

K!! Cya!! and please please comment!!


i reckon u should go to Get into God (GIGabyte). Check out www.campuscity.org.my


Her name is Mary... I mean beside Sarah.


the cloud...hmmn look like a KEY - very appropriate for KAYD theme and logo 'Open and Enter' :-)