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Being gay, what about it??

Two men showing each other love...

In the modern world, men don’t have the same power that they did have in the past. A new power has risen through the times of injustice and fear, the females. Slowly, they gain power of the world through sectors of great importance, like political influence, family and L-O-V-E. Men are in the losing side of this war.

Anyways, I don’t mind that we’re losing… Hehe…

It’s just so sad to see that in the past, women with great potential of making the world a better place had to stand behind the people who were proud of their balls. Based on the book, “The Da Vinci’s Code”, Dan Brown wrote about how the balance of the earth had shifted. The world was controlled by the ego and insensitivity of men without being checked and corrected by the peace-loving and caring nature of women. For those who actually believe in the Ying Yang or anything similar, you might have noticed that once the balance is not in equilibrium, disaster strikes.

Ying Yang ( or was it Yin Yang..)

I’m not a believer of these stuff but if you really think about it, it does make a lot of sense. Imagine a car with no tyres on one side. Will the car move??

Aiya, it looks so obvious.. anyways, u get my idea, a car with no tyres... man, the pic is so fake...

Imagine an airplane with only one wing… Will the airplane fly??

Ehh.. no wing!!!!

To progress in the best way human can progress is through the balance between men and women. I can’t understand girls, honestly. I had a few bad experiences with girls myself. So unpredictable!! That’s why I love them. ^^

I do know a few things about men. We want what we want. We have pride or ego that can cause fire between the best friends. We just don’t want to lose. We’ll even make a deal with the devil to accomplish our goal. Serious, once we want something badly, we’ll do anything to get it, no matter who got hurt in the process.

Just to make it clear, not all men are like that. There’s still that dream guy that you girls would like to have in the world. Aaron Ya Lun anyone???

Aaron Ya Lun... he's so popular...

So, what’s that got to do with being gay?? One word, SICKO.

They can desire a sports car, a big house, a new computer, peace and a lot of other stuff. I’ll be honest, I want to have a super hot girlfriend that takes care of me. Nothing wrong to fantasize right?? Why does this group of men want be with guys anyway??

Why do guys want to have sex with guys?? In my opinion, guys understand guys better, thus they know how to treat each other good. The same thing is also applicable to women. Women knows women better, they know how each other feel in different situations. All I can say about why guys want to have sex with each other differs from different sickos to sickos.

There’s one thing that I do know about gays, the two disadvantages that they experience by being intimate with the same sex.


Need I say more??

2. There’s nothing to put your stick in.

There's no picture that I can use to describe it...

With all due respect, the only hole you can actually fill in is his anus. Imagine all the shit in that anus. Do you really want to put it in there? Think twice my friend.

To end this post, I hope you won’t succumb to being attracted to the same sex in your life. God bless!!


The first picture there made me puke.

And yes, I agree on very very very crucial terms with you.

Gayness suck so bad that when it sucks, its worst that the usual you suck kinda thing.

It more like, so bloody oh my gush and YUCK.

Gay is bad lar in a way.


Dude.. Some how you seem to potray a very homophobic image.. IMHO, I don't give 2 hoot's a bout gays.. As long as they don't come on to me, why should I care..

They have their on preference, then so be it.. Don't try to change their ways.. Essentially, I see nothing wrong with gays..

I bet that you still like lesbians.. They're gay too.. The word 'gay' can be used both for guys and girls.. So in the gist of it, I think you're wrong..

@Reening: No offence but in what way are gays bad?


NIce long comments, both of u. FIrst of all, thanks for comin.

Reening : I had gay people too... yucky..

ph33r : Sorry for not being specific. I didn't mean gay 'happy' but gay 'homosexual' who have interest for the same sex (guys and guys) to satisfy each other's sexual pleasure.

I think it's wrong because we are not made to be with the same sex in a sexual kinda way. There are two persons in this world, guys and gals. The unity between these two are the very essence of life and this fact should not change.

I hope I have cleared your mind.

Thank you Reening and ph33r!!


i totally absolutely HATE this post to be honest. :) it's discriminating to the core, and HATE is a really really strong word! so strong that I believe God never taught anyone to hate, honestly.


Yeah, ur right. They're still God's creation. They are made to be like that... Ahh... such a confusing world... What would you do Ehon??


@FFX madman: Yeah, I got that fact from the start.. But the thing is, you just articulated a point that I did not give..

You see, has the world come to an apolocalypse just because there are gay people in this world? Answer is NO!

Has the existence of gays and lesbians disrupted the way that you live? NO! The only people that we should discrimnate/hate is the people that shun homosexuals..

This is a very contraversial subject that you should tread carefully on.. Despite the fact that you're my friend, I won't back you up on this.

I won't bring God into this issue because personally, I don't believe in Him.. So if people have their preference, just respect that and not strive to change it.

Besides, it could be part of their upbringing.. I bet that no one is born gay. It always develops. And also, how many gays ACTUALLY have sex with each other, I'll bet that it ain't everone..

That's only the way that Hollywood potrays them.. Dig deeper into this to see that what I'm saying is quite right..

@Ehon: Right on dude!!


Thanks for lovely comments, ph33r. This is getting hot and I'm lovin it..

Apocalyspe?? When did I said that?? The world won't end with gays... You're just making your own story mate...

Gays and lesbians disrupted the way we live?? To you it's not because we live in an Islamic country. Same sex marriages are not legal, so the effects on the citizens like you are close to none.

K, K, respect those preferences.

Ok ok, let's do this. Gays have encountered situations with the opposite sex's possession. Let's give a situation, a 2 year old kid likes to use his mum's heels. Then, slowly, he'll try her dress, make-up, bra, etc etc. One thing leads to another...

The sex part can't be confirmed. You don't understand them because ur not gay, aren't you? Maybe you should ask gays about their opinions to this post and then, we can get 1st hand comments from gays themselves.

nice comments...


ffx madman! I posted something on homosexuality too! I just read this post today. I wish to disagree! Read my post on it please and leave a comment there, thank you. Gays, in a way or another are still humans. And what right have we, being the exact same, to show them disgust? God never ever said these people would go to hell. You might disagree saying that homosexuals did not exist in Jesus' time. Then again, isn't God almighty and knows of the past present futere and everything? If he even forgave prostitudes, I don't see why he would condemn these people to hell. Even if he did, it is not of us to judge and say. It's a lowly thing to do. Aren't Christians caring people? We should learn to accpet, and instead of showing such disgust, we should spend our time helping and undertanding them. Not all gays asked to be born that way. Remember, God gave them that life. What is the point of being perfect and straight when the heart is wicked? Homosexuality doesn't mean evil. I know I'm a bit over reacting, but I just think they deserve the same justice we do.


am i allowed a comment:-)??

HONESTLY (as the matter of opinion) it is SUCK-BAD-DISGUSTING. I'm glad you brought-up the issue mate! I’m sure you meant well.

Human knows what’s RIGHT and WRONG. Period! What is BLACK and WHITE. A plus(+) or minus(-). What’s MALE and FEMALE. So what makes it all twisted – FOOLISHNESS. Period! If you think it is still ok, not wrong, they’re human too…bla..bla..bla well THINK again…

I’m not JUDGING…it’s a matter of OPINION only. If I see a gay couple doing whatever they think is RIGHT, I think I'd be moved with PITY. Just like the rest of the world I wouldn’t go and slap them in the face and start opening the bible and condemning. As Christians we all are thought the prayer … “forgive them Father for they do not know what they're doing”...regardless if we're BELIEVER or not, this is the best thing we can offer them…..

Being gay, what about it??…it’s wrong, was wrong and forever wrong.


U are soooooo sick


I agree...

You seem to be very homophobic.

Look it this way, not all gays are pondans or feminines or stuff like that... You dont have to hate them.

Imagine yourself being a gay... At a teenager's age. Trapped inside this body, but still searching for your own identity, and living in this world. Wont you feel hurt and insecure? That the world is against you? That there is nothing you can do?

Which is why we must help these people... Help them to realize that no matter gay, straight, bi, whatever, everyone is there for each other.

As to your point of sexual satisfication, straight guys do that as well! How do you explain married guys go to find prostitutes but not their own wives? Same case scenario...

More and more gays are coming out in this world because they cannot stand the suffering of being trapped. More and more people are being open minded.

Gays exists for a reason... God doesnt create them for no reason right? If gays are meant to be punished and discriminated... Then why did God created them in the first place? Doesnt God love everyone?

The most important thing here is LOVE. God wants us to LOVE. So what if it's gay love, or straight love, or husband and wife love? At the end of the day.. It's still love. And love makes the world a better place.

I hope I make a point, and open your mind a bit. :)


Exactly what we need in our world; more homophobes. Sigh.

Many say that homosexuality is wrong, then again, how do you justify what's "right"? People usually ask, "why are they attracted to people of the same-sex". I find it interesting that not many people ask, "why am I attracted to people of the opposite sex?"

If you want to bring religion in, then I thought that this higher power whom you call "GOD" don't make no junk? GOD made these people as homosexuals. Who are we to criticize his creations then?

What ALL homosexuals are seeking for are acceptance from the society. And if we still want to condemn them to hell for being gay, then well, for them, hell already started even before they died.