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Finally.. Here's my results so far

Sorry guys, haven't been updating lately. My head's just so empty (honestly)!! I would blog during the night, (afternoon I usually took a short nap that lasts for 3-4 hours. Is that short to you??) but my mum kept on nagging, asking me to study... Argh... Guess it's for my own good, no?

So, back to the topic. Here's my last results for my exams!

Bahasa Malaysia -> 70%

Awww.... dang it, how am I supposed to get an A like this???? My objective paper only resulted in 22/40 correct answers, almost like half of everything. Is this a good sign? My lovely ass, no way!! My karangan (essay, i supposed to summarise, elaborate, write stuff... ahh, u know larr) paper only gave me a total of 76/100. Emm... Emm... Emm... so that means...

Ah... my maths skills.. Colourful heh..

MORAL -> 67%

There you go SU WEI!!! I know larr u beat me... U got 70% I know larr.. don't u dare show off in front of me Su WEI!!! Argghh.. Moral is one of the stupidiest (is this a word??) subject in the world. We supposed to memorise 36 nilai (moral values) and supposed to memorise their definitions, all 36 of them. To add to that, the definitions are damn long...

But, I can't run from the fact. I know Su Wei, u beat me like hell in this exams. Enough is enough, I shall return with vengeance. The sword of kindness that protected u ever since u sit beside me and changed Cyril to person who is no longer the old Cyril, shall revert to the sword of vengeance...

U know what that means?? I also don noe.. HAHAHAHAHA

Peace to the world!


you're quite competitive with this su wei dude huh:) ( he got the same last name like me! lim)


Lim?? Oh, Lim's a very common chinese name. HEhe