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YUI Topping the Rankings!!

YUI has finally released her latest single, Love and Truth on the 26th September 2007.

Only by the first day of the release, the single has been selling fast!!

Hope she'll can stay No. 1 until Oricon confirms the chart rankings next Wednesday or even better, weeks to come!! WHoo HO!! Gambate YUI!!!! So excited!!!

Check her video out... It's so mysterious...

Here are the download links, credits to Underground Blue

1. Love and Truth (MP3) - Click here to download!

2. Jam (MP3) - Click here to download!

3. My Generation ~Acoustic~ (MP3) - Click here to download!

4. Love and Truth ~Instrumental~ (MP3) - Click here to download!

I personally love Jam. Check these songs out!

Honestly, I kinda miss the ol' YUI. She's a bit more rockish this time around but I miss her sweet and slow voice. I feel like my heart was struck by a spear everytime I heard that sweet voice. The pain I felt is the pain that I enjoy and love.

Well, at least her new style can get her up there at the No. 1 with the other great J-Artists did before her like Otsuka Ai, L'Arc~en~ciel, Utada Hikaru and Angela Aki just to name a few...

Now, I have to study!! Cya!!!

Brooke Family Heritage

Here's a bit of history for you.

The Brooke Family are the founders of Sarawak which is currently part of Malaysia. There's something that I noticed in the Brooke's line of rulers...

James Brooke

This is the founder of the Sarawak, James Brooke...

Charles Brooke

His succeeder is Charles Brooke, James Brooke's nephew...

Charles Vyner Brooke

His succeeder who was the final "White Rajah" (White King) of Sarawak is Charles Vyner Brooke, Charles Brooke's nephew...

The next ruler should have been Anthony Walter Dayrell Brooke which is Charles Vyner Brooke's nephew!!! Unfortunately, the Japanese took over and that stopped the cycle from continuing.

Get my drift?

Why nephews??? Don't they have their own kids to give their powers to???

Wait, do you think that the Brooke family was gay??

Cute photos

K, my previous post was just so weird... ^^

Here's some cute pictures of animals I've found. Credits to CuteOverload.com

hut, hut, hut

what'cha looking at?

oh dang, i just saw a hot cat!!!

Are u ready to rock???!!!!

Private man....

How may I serve you?

Don't mess with me...


Baby, I need you tonight...

Hey, you are squeezing too hard!!

The strong shall survive, how is it down there??

Give me a beer!!

This thing is good... compliments to the chef...

I'm sorry, I don't think our relationship will work out...

The Yakuza... Money or your life??

Run towards the sun!!!


Don't eat me!!

Ice-cream makes me go on high!!!

Hiding a sex toy

This story is a weird one...

Apparrently, a man of about 50 years old, bought some sausages from a German butcher shop in Berlin.

He came back the next day with two large "Schwartenmagen" sausages.

This is how "Schwartenmagen" sausages look like.

The shop assistant was requested to cool and wrap the large sausages until he flies to Dubai the next day. The shop assistant is not stupid though.

He noticed that the sausages were unusually large and heavier than the other sausages in the shop. Oh come on, he's sausage expert... What can you expect from a person who handles sausages every day???

Oh yeah, he's having a lot of fun

He found out that the man had removed some of the meat inside the sausage and packed a dildo in each of the sausages. The thing that strikes me is....

Why don't you just put them in your traveling bag??? No one's gonna steal your dildo sucker...

The morale of this story is:

1. Don't play with sex toys...
2. Sausages are not a good place to hide your stuff... ^^

Blog Locked!!

I had a wanted to post something new last Wednesday and guess what? My Blog was identified as a Spam Blog!

Now, what's actually a spam blog?

Besides wasting the time of blog readers, spam blogs clog up the search engines like Yahoo! and Google Search Engines. As a result, the quality of the searches will be decrease.

Spam blogs are blogs that has a lot of links to the very same thing. Mine got meh???

What Blogger is Doing About Spam

Needless to say, blogger do not approve of spamming here at Blogger. Below are some of the things Blogger.com has implemented to remove and reduce spam on our service. They will update this list as they continue their efforts.

  • Automated spam classifying algorithms keep spam blogs out of NextBlog and out of their "Recently Published" list on the dashboard.
  • The same classifiers are used to require an extra word verification field on the posting form for potential spam blogs. This makes it harder for spammers to set up automated systems to do their posting, since a human needs to complete this step.
  • The Flag as Objectionable button in the Navbar lets bloggers notify them of problem blogs that they find, so they can review them and take appropriate action.

Err... but why my blog??? Took two days for my blog to get unblocked... I never did understand...

Everything's fine liaw... haaha... Hope I didn't lose my readers....

Footballers need hair stylists... QUICK!!

Professional football players have a lot of money by playing in the big league. Now, how do they spend it on their hair??? Check this pictures out!

Some are neat

and short

Some stole Asian hair styles, looks good on him though..

Some just don't give a damn, shave it clean baby!

Some aren't so lucky...

The outrageous hair of Ronaldo in the 2002 World Cup

Christian Ziege... yikes

The bigger the hair, the softer the ball will be I guess...

Yea!! Ronaldo found a new partner!!

Afro, can't believe this was a trend in the past!

Long hair rules!! Not when it's permed though... ^^


This hair is just crazy

What do you think???? Leave comments please!!!


This post is dedicated to all girls / ladies/ ah liens / mothers / aunties / grandmas / great grandmas that are sick of boys, ah bengs, men, fathers, uncles, grandpas, and great grandpas.

Don’t you ever feel bored with your boyfriend/hubby?? Want a younger and vibrating group of bachelors?? Then, check this guys out.

Arashi (which means Storm) is a Japanese band consisting of five members. They are a renowned group in Japan and lovers of J-Drama.

The released three great main singles this season.

Love so Sweet February 21, 2007

Download Link : http://rapidshare.com/files/55796236/01.Love_so_sweet.mp3.html

We can make it! May 2, 2007

Download Link : http://rapidshare.com/files/55797783/We_can_make_it_.mp3

Happiness September 5, 2007 (CHECK THIS OUT!!)

Download link : http://rapidshare.com/files/55835652/01._Happiness_-_Arashi.mp3

If the links go dead, kindly e-mail me to tell me about it or leave a comment for me to inform me about the dead link.

Check out the videos, I like the video for Happiness. So cute and happy!! Don’t miss it!!

Here’s a little bit of info adapted from Wikipedia about the band members.

Satoshi Ohno (相葉雅紀)

Name meaning: Guidance Nicknames

Nicknames: Oh-chan, Leader, Captain, Umai-sonyun, Shacho, Sammy (or Sami)

: 166 cm (5'5")

Weight: 49 kg (108 lbs)

Siblings: older sister


  • Leader of the group after winning a round of rock-paper-scissors with the other members.
  • Often sings lead vocals.
  • Known to be the best dancer in the group
  • He often choreographs most of the band’s dances.
  • Doesn’t really want to be become a leader.
  • A new age idol – who leads his group by not leading at all.
  • An artist that focuses more on music than other fields like acting in dramas.

Sho Sakurai (櫻井翔)

Blood type: A

Height: 171cm

Weight: 56 kg

Horoscope: Aquarius

Siblings: a younger sister and a younger brother

Favorite Subjects: Japanese and history

Favorite Food: Pizza

Favorite Colours: blue, black, and yellow


  • Writes his own lyrics.
  • Sings most of the rap parts, also known to the fans as “Sakurap”.
  • Currently a Monday co-host of NTV’s News Zero.
  • Graduated from Keio University.
  • Known as the Study Leader during the years of Arashi debut
  • He lost against Ohno in a round of rock-paper-scissors.
  • According the band, he possesses leadership qualities.

Jun Matsumoto (松本潤)

Name (romaji): Matsumoto Jun

Nickname: MatsuJun, Jun-Sama, JunChan, King (by all of Arashi)

Height: 173cm (roughly 5'8)

Weight: 58kg (approx 128)

Birthdate: August 30, 1983

Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan

Siblings: One older sister

Horoscope sign: Virgo

Blood type: A

Interests: Music, DVDs, photography, reading

Preferred Sport: Baseball

Favorite Food: Noodles, dry plums, mango

Favorite Colors: White, black and blue


  • The most popular artist in the band.
  • Has been said to have the most sex appeal.
  • Starring roles in dramas such as Bambino!, Hana Yori Dango series and Gokusen.
  • Labelled as “concert master” for his precision during live performances.
  • Appointed as Comedy Leader during the years of Arashi debut.
  • Considered as an elite because he was brought up by Johnny Kitagawa himself without having to go through auditions.
  • First male to grace the front cover of Marie Claire (Japan).

Kazunari Ninomiya (二宮和也, Kazunari Ninomiya)

Nickname: Nino, Hollywood-san, Kazu-chan, Nino-chan

Height: 168cm (5'6")

Weight: 49kg (around 108 lbs)

Date of Birth: June 17, 1983

Place of Birth: Edogawa, Tokyo, Japan

Star Sign: Gemini

Blood Type: A

Family: Parents, a sister (two years older)


  • Starred In Clint’s Eastwood’s, Letters from Iwo Jima.
  • First member to crossover to Hollywood.
  • He’s one of Japan’s leading actors, can act with his eyes.
  • He’s actually left-handed but was forced to write with his right hand.
  • He plays guitar and piano.
  • Composes songs and write lyrics.
  • One half of Arashi’s skit duo, Ohmiya SK, partnering Satoshi Ohno.
  • Appointed as Performance Leader during Arashi’s early years.
  • He is usually seen with a game console in hand.
  • Publicly admitted that he is obsessed with his interest, games!

Masaki Aiba (相葉雅紀)

Nicknames : Aiba, Super Idol Aiba-chan, Aiba-chan, Aiba-kun, Kappe

Blood Type: AB

Height: 176cm

Weight: 60 kg Horoscope:

Horoscope: Capricorn

Family: Mom, Dad, younger brother (Yusuke)

Pets: 3 dogs

Favorite Subjects: none

Least Favorite Subjects: Physical Education (during winter season)

Food: ramen

Color: black and white

Precious Treasures: everyone around him, his pets, his stuffed animal, and his favorite baby blanket

Best Friends: Sakurai Sho (ARASHI), You Yokoyama (Kanjani∞)


  • Tallest member of the group.
  • Breathy voice.
  • Once hospitalized after fainting due to the collapse of one of his lungs
  • Also works with various wild animals as a co-host of a TV Show, “Tensai! Shimura Doubutsuen”.
  • Excels In basketball.
  • Can’t focus very long on a particular topic.
  • He has problems reading Kanji.
  • Made various reading mistakes.

Okay, so the chances of you marrying one of them in 1 in a billion but it’s never wrong to imagine right?

So, what do you think about Arashi? Leave comments please!!