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Footballers need hair stylists... QUICK!!

Professional football players have a lot of money by playing in the big league. Now, how do they spend it on their hair??? Check this pictures out!

Some are neat

and short

Some stole Asian hair styles, looks good on him though..

Some just don't give a damn, shave it clean baby!

Some aren't so lucky...

The outrageous hair of Ronaldo in the 2002 World Cup

Christian Ziege... yikes

The bigger the hair, the softer the ball will be I guess...

Yea!! Ronaldo found a new partner!!

Afro, can't believe this was a trend in the past!

Long hair rules!! Not when it's permed though... ^^


This hair is just crazy

What do you think???? Leave comments please!!!






yea.. footballers really need hairstylers.. the more the hair.. the more exact where the ball wud bounce off on.. LOL


SU WEI -> I like MY HAIR!!

IAN -> LOL!!


They all got sponsors, so, it's not fair to...err..compare. :) and it's a wonder how some of them grow hair faster than i grow my facial hair.


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