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YUI Topping the Rankings!!

YUI has finally released her latest single, Love and Truth on the 26th September 2007.

Only by the first day of the release, the single has been selling fast!!

Hope she'll can stay No. 1 until Oricon confirms the chart rankings next Wednesday or even better, weeks to come!! WHoo HO!! Gambate YUI!!!! So excited!!!

Check her video out... It's so mysterious...

Here are the download links, credits to Underground Blue

1. Love and Truth (MP3) - Click here to download!

2. Jam (MP3) - Click here to download!

3. My Generation ~Acoustic~ (MP3) - Click here to download!

4. Love and Truth ~Instrumental~ (MP3) - Click here to download!

I personally love Jam. Check these songs out!

Honestly, I kinda miss the ol' YUI. She's a bit more rockish this time around but I miss her sweet and slow voice. I feel like my heart was struck by a spear everytime I heard that sweet voice. The pain I felt is the pain that I enjoy and love.

Well, at least her new style can get her up there at the No. 1 with the other great J-Artists did before her like Otsuka Ai, L'Arc~en~ciel, Utada Hikaru and Angela Aki just to name a few...

Now, I have to study!! Cya!!!