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Goodbye my hair

I dedicate this post to Reening.

Have anyone of you lost something that is so valuable to you? Did your favourite computer was struck by lightning? Was your house burnt to the ground? Did your girlfriend/boyfriend dump you? Well, I will lose something that’s very dear to me in the following week; the subject makes it obvious right? I just got a haircut.

The thing that I don’t like about haircuts is that it is the process of cutting your hair. Duh… I don’t want to keep short hair!! The Malaysian Education system states that every male student must not have hair that touched the eyebrows, ears, and the shirt collars. I think that petty things like these made our education standard go down so low… *coughs*

YEaHH!! Hair freedom!!

Modern and civilised countries like Japan and U.S.A lets their students keep long hair. As a result, they achieve better academically and able to compete in the world’s ever competing environment. *cough*cough*cough*cough*

This post is als0 dedicated to one of my very good friend, my hair. I would like to give a tribute to the hair that I had lost..

Oh Mr. Rui Hair (that’s the name of my hair), you’ve always been there for me. You were always there with me. Rui, I love you from the bottom of my heart.

Dear Rui, you look the best when you wake up. You look curvy and sleek. You look rebellious and strong. I love you when you wake up.

Unfortunately, I have to pour water over you. Use an acidic shampoo that hurt you in ways that I would have never felt. I let the cooling alkaline conditioner to ease your pain after that.

You were so cute and obedient when you were wet. With one gentle swap of the magnetised comb or fingers, you move to the position where I want you to be. When you turn dry, you turn hard and disobedient. You move to weird angles and separate yourself from your other parts. Things look messy and unorganized. But, I still love you, Rui.

You felt the frustration I get when I didn’t get an A for my exam. You felt the disappointment and pain that I felt when Manchester United lost. You were always there!! I love you!!

I feel so sad when I will lose you. Rui has not been the best or the coolest hair in the world, but it’s still my hair and I love you, Rui.

As a proper tribute to my hair, these are the pictures of me and my hair.

Rui at his best in the morning.

Rui is shouting in pain in those white bubbles. Sorry RUI!!!

Rui and I love rock music, so sometimes, he changes to this.

Rui understood that I had a social life. He (sometimes) kindly reverted to a more normal and sane look for my outdoor activities.

When I felt sad and emotional, Rui felt the same thing too. He’s like this when he’s sharing the pain of my heart and soul.

Pretty much, that’s it. I’m not too adventurous with my hair. Any tips for me mate?

I can’t quite remember my hair during my younger days but I think I still can recall it. If I’m not mistaken it’s like this.

My primary school hair, I was struck by Cupid’s arrow that time. As a result, Rui and I loved our life.

Surely when I was younger, I look a bit chubby and plump. I was so ungrateful and I lost my primary school class photo. *Sob*. Anyone can give me???

My dear Rui, I hate it when you are cut. I have to wait around one to three months for you to come back. I face this situation so many times in the past. I don’t know why I feel so emotional about this whole issue this time. You are not the coolest or obedient hair around but I still love you. Goodbye, Rui, my beloved hair.

In conclusion, be proud of your hair. It's special because it is yours. Forget what other people think about your hair. It's yours and it's yours to love.

God bless!!

Once again, thank you for reading this post. Please leave your greetings and good-bye wishes by leaving comments for this post. Rui will really appreciate it.


This is practically the best post you've ever written!


thank you thank you!! I miss RUI ^^


Nice post! Good posing too.. haha.. keep it up!


Nice one dude.Didnt know u could do so many things with your hair,haha.Ur primary school hair makes u look so innocent,keep posting.Catch up with u in school.Chows


yeah haircut is always a grueling experience...anyway you still look good! ;-)