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Hiding a sex toy

This story is a weird one...

Apparrently, a man of about 50 years old, bought some sausages from a German butcher shop in Berlin.

He came back the next day with two large "Schwartenmagen" sausages.

This is how "Schwartenmagen" sausages look like.

The shop assistant was requested to cool and wrap the large sausages until he flies to Dubai the next day. The shop assistant is not stupid though.

He noticed that the sausages were unusually large and heavier than the other sausages in the shop. Oh come on, he's sausage expert... What can you expect from a person who handles sausages every day???

Oh yeah, he's having a lot of fun

He found out that the man had removed some of the meat inside the sausage and packed a dildo in each of the sausages. The thing that strikes me is....

Why don't you just put them in your traveling bag??? No one's gonna steal your dildo sucker...

The morale of this story is:

1. Don't play with sex toys...
2. Sausages are not a good place to hide your stuff... ^^



Perhaps, being a Muslim country, Dildos are illegal in Dubai. Could be why the old geezer did it to smuggle em in :p