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Modern Referee’s Dilemma

Football is a wonderful game. Football is the most beautiful game in the whole world. Tell me another game that requires great first touch skills, pace, intelligence, vigilance, stamina and most importantly (to me) self-confidence. Can you think of another game that requires that many attributes in a player? Leave a comment and let me know!

Here’s a little intro about football. People all around the world are trying to take the label of “the founder of modern football”. The Englishmen has the most renowned football league in the world, the Barclays Premier League, but does that mean that they are the founders of football?

The English Premier League

Brazil won the FIFA World Cup 5 times, beating all other nations by being the only country that has beaten the 4 times barrier. Does that make them the founder of modern day football??


Want to know the answer?? Who?? Whooo?? WHOOOOO??!!

I have no idea, mate!

In this post, I would like to voice out, or rather, type out my opinions on the modern football game based on the outstanding football league of the world, Barclays Premier League with a focus on referees.

You might have not noticed this but the modern day football revolves around the referees. They are the one who brandish cards and give up fouls. They can give u a straight red card or just give u pep talk. They are the ones who disallow goals and award penalties that could cause a particular team the game.

Is that all you got boy??

Referees have a big target on their back.

They are the ones who actually decide what happens during the football match. They are expected to give 101% while in a match. They are so pressured to deliver the best they can in every game, especially the referees in the BPL/EPL. Fans, players, managers and alike often forgot that these referees are still human.

A few weeks ago, an English Premier League referee, Rob Styles, did a very bad error that cost Liverpool their game against Chelsea. They were leading 1-0 thanks to a first-half Torres strike. Unfortunately, Steve Finnan (Liverpool’s right back) was thought to trip Malouda (Chelsea’s Left Winger) in the penalty box when there was no contact at all. A penalty was given and the game ended 1-1.

The incident that broke the heart of many Liverpool fans.

Comments from players said that Styles actually cracked during the game. He actually let the players get into him. A referee got to know the rules of the game, that’s important. A referee also must learn and understand the game that he is officiating.

Every football game is different. There’s no such thing as the same type of football game. Chelsea and Liverpool had a quite a few encounters with each other that ended in a lot of controversy. Styles should understand that players will try to take advantage of every single foul and even try to be a soap drama actor with the slightest touch.

Referees have been giving bad decisions all the time. No one escapes the infamous red card.

Wazza didn't...

The master of the roulette (360 degrees turn) didn't..

Even the buck-toothed assassin, Ronaldinho, didn't!!

A referee’s life is job that is very hard to do, especially if he is officiating a match with great importance and prestige. They deserve protection and help for every single thing that concerns them.

Chelsea and Arsenal players battle it out, old fashion style.. LIVE!!

Technology has been included into tennis and other sports. Football is an exception. When technology is embraced by the modern day football, life as a referee gets a little easier. Technology helps make the game fair but it takes away the excitement and pain of human errors in the game that has been in the game for as long as it was founded.

Tennis replay technology...

Will technology make football greater than it already is? Let us let time tell us the answer for that. I would love to hear comments from you. Please kindly comment. ^^

Your comments drive me on!!!


@ndrew Ricky

HI!!!Looks like dis post is still empty..got 2 fill it up..haha..About football,i got 2 agree bout epl being d best football matches ive ever seen compared 2 spanish primera or bundesliga n so on..But sumtime i am a bit disappointed wit d refereeing..Like chelsea vs liverpool match..liverpool deserve 2 win actually..dats from my point of view..Another thing i disagree with d sending off of christiano ronaldo..its not really a headbutt..its more of an accident..he din realize d player was in front of him coz he was concentrating on d ball..well,its a harsh decision i think but we cant blame all referees..Dont u agree??Some r doing a gud job 2..^^



Referees, they are still human... haha


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