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Mock Exams

Examinations are a part of a student’s life. Different students have different reactions towards exams…

Some studied damn hard…

Some commit suicide

Some get depressed

Some don't give a damn...

I will be sitting for a big public exam this year. All Form 3/Secondary 3/Everyone that’s 15 years old have to sit for the dreaded PMR, ‘Penilaian Menengah Rendah’ which is translated to Lower Secondary Valuation. Here’s a bit of Malay language for you.

This is what each individual word means:

It’s like reading it backwards…

Anyways, MOCK!!! What does MOCK supposed to mean???

1. Not real but intended to look or seem real…

- Okay… get the idea… The mock exams are just exams to get us ready for the real exams, PMR!!

2. To make someone look stupid

- Em… Yeah, get low and some heartless people will laugh at you… Honestly, some people just have a heart of stone….

So, relax and enjoy doing your paper. It’s just a paper anyway! It’s not a living thing. So…

And be happy ^^


Yup, The best way is... study and be happy like mr kacang. Don't be too stressed up...as you say it is just an valuation... .
All the best.


Just jump off the building better