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Good morning Teacher!!

If I am going to become a science teacher...

I will mark the Science Paper 2 with love

with care

even if my students get it wrong....

I'll write out the answers for them

I'll work my socks out to read his calculations...

I will be patient and understanding

I'll screw the graph... don't they learn this stuff in Maths??

one paper wasted on some diagrams... ahhh... poor trees...

Then on the last page...

I'll let go!!


haha.. so cute!!! all the best if u're going to be one!


funny la u.. i dont want a science teacher like u man.. lol



lol..funny pic dude,haha....how on earth r u going 2 mark the test papers with love?? haha,the students wont even appreciate it..


keep doing that and you'll make Einstein in the whole class...! Science teacher...suit you mate!


haha! U look soo cute. Nice one :D