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FFX Madman Fav 5 J-Musix

1. Crossroad - YUI

This is an old song from YUI but it took me quite long to actually notice it. I'm the kind of person who only spends time to listen to artist's hits and just forget about the artist's other unpopular work. Crossroad, was the accompanying song for the main single, Life. I don't know what this song means but somehow, her sweet voice is make me so happy... HAHa... From my very little knowledge of the Japanese language, this song is about a couple who is separated. Can you translate for me??

So far, my favourite song from YUI!!

2. Kokoro - Kazumasa Oda

I'm still new to J-pop and J-Musix. So, I don't know much about Kazumasa Oda. Here's something I took from Wikipedia.com.

In the 21st century, he released three albums and all of them reached number one on the official Japanese music chart, Oricon. Above all, compilation album Jiko Best (2002) sold over 2,200,000 copies. Because of the most recent album Soukana (2005), he became the oldest solo music artist who has reached number one on Oricon's album chart.

I only know one thing from this guy. He's kinda old. I don't like old artists because their songs are sometimes so boring but this guy has an amazing voice, it just astonishes me. The music video for this music is so touching. Check it out!

3. Heart - Otsuka Ai

AI AI AI!!! Otsuka Ai!!! She's the cutest, most kawaii J-Artist I have ever seen. Sorry YUI!!!

Like all J-musix, I have no idea what she sang. But, there's something with her voice. Her voice is like the voice of angels, a Japanese angel!! Wow!! Hot!!! This single ranked 1st with another hit from her, Peach on the Oricon charts on 30th July 2007 charts. It's an honour to get first!!

4. Love & Truth - YUI

She will release this single n 26th September 2007. Thanks to my pals from YUI-Fans.com, I managed to get the song before hand. Check out this post for more information.

5. Phonoscope - Shikao Suga

This song is about waking up at night, and think about why your life have to be like what it is. HAHA... Dang, I really need to learn Japanese. Great song too!!