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Results So far... part 4

First of all, THANKS TOKINE FOR YOUR COMMENTS!! Hardly anyone comments... sooo sad...

Anyways, here's my latest exam results!

English - 86%

My school's standard for A is 85% while the PMR (public exam) standard is 75%. Oh come on, my English not that bad... right??? I'm happy lar still got 86%. At least I beat Su Wei (super genius with high memory capabilities in my class) when he got 78% I think. Su Wei! Correct kah??

I was tested on my grammar, common sense, spelling... ah... all the crap that you know about english lar.. The essay part is a formal letter! Honestly, I'm not so sure about the format... HAHAA!! LAugh laugh as much as u want, it's not funny!! I forgot to my name above my address... that's all!! HAHAHAHAHA!! Laugh!! BABY LAUGH!!

K! U must not be getting me cause I'm not getting myself right over here. The novel part, I wrote about Robinson Crusoe. I have to comment whether the ending of the novel is justified or not... That's all lar... What's justified?? Ahh.. ahh... emm.. err... ah.... aiyoo... what ah.... Aiya, I don want to tell you... You must learn how to use a dictionary, go and find! Ahh.. yea... go and f-ff-find... emm... justified... err..


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