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Eyes... What you think about eyes? Are eyes merely ball-like-balls?? Are they just something that's opaque whitish thingies with a specific colour which is round in shape?? Are they just some organ that let's you see?? Well... you can say that, but eyes... eyes are something more...

Here's the different eyes of different ages.

A baby

A teenage guy

An adult guy

An old man

hahaha.... Soo, what cha think?? What's the difference in those eyes??

Eyes shows emotions, that's a fact. You'll know that someone's sad when he or she is sad. It's the same thing for every single emotion. Happy, thrilled, shocked, afraid... Eyes are the windows to your heart actually. The people who are closest to you usually are the ones that knows how u feel by just looking in your eyes. Really... try it out!!

Anime / Manga eyes exaggerates on this eyes fact. What can I say, they are cartoons anyway... HAha... But, a very special type of cartoons. Anime / Manga eyes are soOOOoooo cute... don't you think so?? When they are sad, their eyes will go large with large tear drops falling. When they are happy, their eyes will have that very cute twinkle or even closed completely. It's quite odd to see how they can talk with their eyes closed so tightly. But, again, it's cute...

Tears of Joy...

Happy EYES!!

So, when you talk, please please please look at their eyes... You'll be surprised how well you can understand whatever he or she is talking about.