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Ahh... Procrastination... I love to waste time... I love to delay stuff... I love to leave things until the last minute... I never learned my lesson...

I always always study (maximum) 1 week before the exam week. My reason?? Cause I can remember stuff better if I do last minute studying. Does it work?? Err... Last minute studying gives last minute result which is not so NICE...

Why we want to waste time on other unimportant stuff like games, tv, movies, etc etc when we still got other issues to be solved?? Ahh?? OII!! WHY???!!! ANswer ME DAMMIT!!!! I want to know why!!!

Things that can be done on that very same day should be done on that very same day! Why?? So that we would have less burden in the future right???? So, don't procrastinate!!

P.S. FFX Madman's a hypocrite!! I do everything that is opposite of the things I write in this post!!