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To all Mothers from any language, race, religion, err... what else... ahhh... any girls/ladies that has children... yeaHH!!! Enjoy enjoy

Now, what did I do for my mum... err... actually, i did nothing except greet her... hahaha.. ain't got the $$Kaching$$, ya know what i mean?? Of course lah, u might say, my money is not everything right?? right?? There must be something else that I can do right?? So, instead of using my money, we used my father's money instead... HAHAA... what did I do?? Ooh.. I just eat beside her loo...

Yesterday's morning, we went to church. Then, my mum with her painful knees managed to walk to the altar and get the gift given from the church to every mother. Steady there mum, steadYY!!!! HAHAa... she's been complaining about her painful knees but she walked with pride lerr on that morning. Why ah?? Cause she got me as a son?? U WISH!!! She's complain to me a lot.. lalalal.. like always not studying, play play only .. . and then and then... hey, this is not about that...

K! K! back to the story.

She got a candle with err... don noe what. Every year the same thing... candles candles candles... Not that I'm not grateful, i'm just... err.. yea, i'm grateful... K, k, i'm writing stupid things again...

That same night, my father brought my mum to pizza hut. So, my mum with her mighty phone called my grandparents. So, where we went?? Thai Food Restaurant??? Holiday Inn??? Merdeka Palace??? Nah.. we went to Pizza HUT! HAHAHA... Nice food bah there...

We got there, my grandparents got there, and guess what?? It's full... WOw... Full... to the very last chair...

So, we went to Batu Lintang open air food court... and guess what?? It's full... too!! Oh please!!! Just because that day was Mother's day, everyone brought their mum out to eat. HAHA... other days cannot meh??? HA HA??

So, we went to some shop.. err.. aiya... forgot the name. Somewhere in Pending... Oh crap... what was the name?? Ahh.. ahh.... ahhh... don noe lah...

This restaurant was GRADED A!! HAHAHA... Not five star yea, just GRADED A!! It's super clean and I love it... Ate:

1. Mushroom Soup (YUM!!)
2. Ikan Kerapu Sweet and Sour (Err.. ok lah..)
3. RICE (hahaah... Relax, Ice, Compression, Elevation.. oh nvm)
4. Mixed Vegetable

yea yea.. humble humble dinner... ahahaha... so fun to see my grandfather so close with my father.. HAHAH... they are like passing each other spoon by spoon of food.. Like, "makan, nah, makan, makan makan, makan, nah, ambik ambik, makan makan.. nah nah..."

DONE DONE!!! On my back, I switched on my MP4 player and just played more JAP SONGS!!!

That part was the part I enjoyed the most.. ahhaHha...

YUI!!!! Got to put her pic here.. ahhaha..

Wat?? U expect to put my mother's pic?? AHAHA... jangan hARAP!!