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United States of America

Wow... a few more hours left before I get into the plane to New York City BABY!!!

Am I excited now?? Err... yea... I'm quite excited... I'm happy that I feel this way. It's just so weird if I don't feel anything. If you are a rich spoiled brat, then you might not feel anything cause you might have gone all around the world 100 times... What do I care?? Now, that's wrong. I meant...


That's only for rich spoiled brat who never worked for anything in his or her life..

Now, back to the story. Now, there's a few things that I have to make sure that I bring back...

1. Sands from the sea - Edwin, Esther
2. Lollipops - BSC Youth Ministry, Esther
3. Key chains - Clifford, Vyner, Jude, Ester
4. Pictures - Camillus, Esther
5. A shred of USA newspaper - Hermia, Esther
6. Hot guys - Dolly
7. Girls number - Anonymous
8. Donald Trump Tower - Edwin
9. Statue of Liberty (??) - Puan Norshiati (oh man... how)

The list just keeps on growing. Anything you want me to bring back for you??

Leave a comment or send me an e-mail. I'll check before I go and after I settled myself with Terry's laptop (if he let...)

I'm scared!! what if the plane crash??? Hijacked?? AHH!!!!! Choi choi choi... Scared lah... traveling so far...

This might be my last entry. Thank you for reading this and God bless you!! Take care!!


Hi Cyril,

Are you going to use Economy Class or Business Class or First Class?

Take care during your journey.
May God bless your family!

Bye from Esther. :)


Hello Cyril,

You and your family use economy class, business class or first class.

Enjoy your holiday!!
Take care.
May God Bless you and your family.


Cyril!!!! Bring back the sand for me also!!! I want!!! haha..

Have a safe journey there and back here.. God Bless!!!



ADEL!! SANDS??? I'll try my best!!

Yo esther.. i'm not that rich.. economy class... hehe