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YUI's New Single, My Generation

Wow, I've never been disappointed with any of YUI's songs. Ever since the first song that I heard from her, I remember you, I was attracted to everything about YUI. She released two albums already and she's just 20 years old.

She started slow but now almost all of her singles became big hits in the Japanese music arena. Her latest album, Can't Buy My Love, sticks like glue inside the Oricon Charts. For those newbies to Japanese music, Oricon Charts are the Japanese equivalent of the Billboard charts from the US.

Her album was rated the best seller ever since it was released. Now, you might expect this girl to party a bit and just relax and take some time to give herself a pat in the back. Well, guess what?? She already worked on a new single, well, two new singles to be exact.

With such high prestige carried from her previous record breaking singles, her new single, My Generation, was picked as the ending theme of a Japanese Drama, Seito Shokun! A similiar scene happened in the past when two of her singles, Life and Rolling Star, were selected as the ending and opening theme of the 5th Season of the Big Hit Anime, Bleach. It was the start of a career changing shift for YUI.

I worked hard to find the subs for My Generation but thanks to Manuel from Yui-Lovers Forums, that search ended with a success. My Generation honestly sounds very addictive to hear and rockish compared to her other hit singles, like Tokyo, I remember you and Good-bye Days. I don't even know what she's singing about but that song changes all my negative feelings to happy and cheerful feelings that I really need to hear this song every day. HAha...

Now, I've got the subs, I know what she was singing about. At the end of this entry, I had inserted the Music Video of this song and Manuel had graciously inserted the subtitles. So, enjoy!!

The music video starts fairly calm with YUI walking on a field carrying her guitar case with the guitar in it I suppose. Suddenly, a little girl came out from nowhere and just grabbed her from the wrist. The forums are hot with discussion who this girl is. Apparently, talks have been said that she is actually YUI's younger version.

From the subs, I noticed that the song has a more darker side in which the singer expresses her guilt and fault in hurting someone during her youth. But no matter what happens, she just doesn't want to give up. She has a dream insight and she wants to fill that dream. She experiences discouragement probably from peers and older people like parents or teachers. I experience that too. hahaa...

The video shows mainly she rockin the classroom and the school. Something that disturbs me is that some of them scenes shows people upside down looking forward... eee... Ju-on style.. but nothing too scary about it.. HAha... Btw, for YUI fanatics, she wore the same attire she wore in Rolling Star video!!

Here's the video, enjoy.


Hello Cyril,

I hope you enjoy your trip to The Big Apple.

Have you get my things that I wanted: lollipops, chocolates, key chains, pictures of me standing and smiling with the background of new york, shred of newspapers (more than two), and sands from the sea.(at least a bottle 1.5ml)and seashell. AND DON't FORGET GET ME THE LIBERTY PIC.


If you have more than one thing such as key chain, lollipops, chocolate, etc, can you bring and I will give it to my friends. And you can show the a few pieces of US Money ($100, $10) and can you give me one?? :)




Ooo... sorry Esther, no beaches in New York. Lollipops ada, keychain ada, newspaper ada...

chocolate don't have, no hot guys, i wasn't looking for them mah.

Btw, i need any of ur picture preferably ur whole body to put into one of our pictures. hahaa...

Money... kinda hard to give loorr... haaa..


Esther, why are you so tidak tahu malu hah. Asking thing from people.
Let says lah, If you want Cyril to buy thing for you, why don you give him money first. I think you are also very cheeky yuck..........
I hate you.


Hahaa!! True true... it's okay ler... ikhlas dari hati!!

Ehh.. why u gals talk about NY??! Did u see YUI's new video in this entry?? NICE OR NOT?? hahaha... I LOVE IT SOOOOOO MUCH!!!


Thank u. Why are u so crazy about YUI. I don't even know what or who was that. Cyril do u like Shiroro. I really like her because she can sing well.


Well... u can say, Love at first sight... HAha... Really, I just love her songs...

Shiroro?? Never heard of her too... nice kah??