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Did u notice???

Hey, you Malaysians, did u notice this?? Remember our first prime minister's name?? Tunku Abdul Rahman right? Don't worry, this has little to do with the things we learned in Sejarah (History) lessons in school.


actually spells something...

R - Tunku Abdul Rahman

A - Tun Abdul Razak

H - Tun Hussein Onn

M - Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammad

A - Abdullah Badawi

N - Najib (aiya.. don noe his full name)

This list shows the list of Malaysia's former prime ministers, Badawi (our current PM) and Najib (our vice PM).

So, what does this mean?? Najib will be our next prime minister!! This is just some thing my Art Teacher, Rechard Meijin (don noe hw to spell his last name though) told my class. So, u don't really have to believe..




Najib's name is easy. He is Abdul Razak's son, so it's Najib Abdul Razak! Also sometimes called Najib Tun Razak due to the Tun title his father got after being the 2nd Prime Minister.

As for him being the next one after Abdullah Badawi, don't be too sure until that happens. Remember that a lot of people used to think that the 2nd A used to stand for Anwar Ibrahim!


Wahh... so, it's an old rumour already?? HAHAHAHAHA

HI!! WHo r u??