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FFX Madman's Single Ranking

1. Awaking Emotion 8/5 - Wentz Eiji

I just love this song so much, rockish man!! I still remembered when I saw him performing during Music Station. He looks so nervous!! HAAa.. but, in the end, he did a great job. Great vocals and guitar strumming. Wentz Eiji is actually the same band as Koike Teppei. This is his first single (without Teppei), so he did a great job. You can hear the song by clicking on the play button on the right side of the webpage. Enjoy!!

2. My Generation - YUI

YUI!!! YUI!!! YUI!!! YUI!!!


Hey, that rhymes. Finally, she released her newest single, My Generation last week. 13th June, if I'm not mistaken, was the start of YUI's latest sweep through the rankings. Currently, her latest single album consisting of this single and another A-side single, Understand. What do I mean by A-side?? A-side singles are singles that was chosen as the theme song of a movie, drama, anime. In this case, it is usual for the artist's A-side singles to get high positions in the rankings. By the way, YUI's single album, My Generation/Understand got 1st in the Oricon Album rankings!! HAHA... Gambate YUI!!

3. Eien No Tsubasa - B'z

When I saw this guy sing, oh crap, another old J-artist. Oh well, Keisuke Kuwata can do sing well (another old guy), let's just give this guy a shot. Honestly, I never regretted taking that chance. His voice is kinda 90's rockish (for those Malaysians, his voice is like Amy Search) but gives a lot of impact. By the way, this is their 40th (or was it 39th) single. Most of their singles get a lot of recognition in Japan and the Oricon ranking table, so, what can u expect from this single? A hell lot more!

4. Ashita Hareru Kana - Keisuke Kuwata

AHH!! This is Keisuke Kuwata, another old guy. This song is soo nice, the direct translation for Ashita Hareru Kana is "Will it be (something) tomorrow" SorrY!! I can't remember what it is. I just love this song, great great vocals like always. As expected of a singer from FFX Madman's Single Ranking.

5. My Brand New Way - Koike Teppei

This guy, Teppei, is a good friend of Wentz Eiji, who took 1st spot in this week's, FFX Madman's Single Ranking. Teppei and Eiji are in the same band, called Wats. Weird name no??? I don't know much about this single but I kinda like it. HAHA... Did u ever hear Teppei sing?? It's like some kindy boy singing, no offense Teppei!! But it's cute and I love it!

There you go, 5 new Japanese Songs for you to check out.

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