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First of all, sorry for not updating!! I know it's the holidays but I've been so busy lately... Ahh... Hate growing up. More choices, more consequences, more responsibilities, ahhh... and it hurts real bad... About three years of pain... I wonder how long it will last, not long I hope. I wrote this today with the result of my long-lasting pain. I think I'll use this for my oral. Hhehe...

You wait at the corner,
Desperately trying to discover,
The reason you are here,
On the planet's soil.

Walking through the pain,
Listening for the voices,
When all words become in vain,
You shall use your voices.

Day by day passed,
The answer had not come,
Why had I let it passed?
I shall return home.

Whose sake am I living for,
I can't seem to find,
The reason I was for,
The reason I should find.

The hollow fills me,
Dragging me by the fingers,
Desperately taking me,
To the place of loneliness.