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For those u actually knows me... I have really changed in the years... Entering my teenage years... kakaka...

If u are wondering about my blog main title, "The Madman That Was Lost... Returns", i'm going to explain it to you. I'm not as crazy, wild, outgoing as I was before. You can say that I'm getting more matured but I'm sure I will still have more challenges in my life. Now, how can the madman returns?? Emm... I feel like I regain who I was in past when I'm in the net, in MSN, Friendster, GameFAQS.com and so on. I feel not concealed in my own life. I feel free. That is when the madman in me returns and I hope you will actually understand what I'm going through and always know... there will be more lives that sucked more than mine. KAKAKAKA