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Love Collage, a touching movie about life

Hello again, this post is especially written for this great movie titled ‘Love Collage’ for Hong Kong version, ‘Collage of our days’ or ‘Renai Shashin’ for the Japanese version of the name. First of all, do u know what’s a collage is? Collage is like a bunch of pictures or art pasted on each other. So, Love Collage means… ah… u know…

This movie is a Japanese movie. You can watch it by tuning to Astro Kirana, channel 43. For the time listings, check your guidebook or www.astro.com.my. This movie is mostly about a guy, Makato (acted coolly by Ryuhei Matsuda) who found this very cute girl, Shizuru, (Acted superbly by Ryoko Hirosue, btw, she has a very nice voice too). She wanted him to teach her how to take photographs. So, they went around Tokyo and took random pictures. Her first few pictures were terribly blurred because she did not focus her camera properly. Finally, she got it right and managed to take proper pictures.

The director tried hard to prove to you (make sure u watch!!!) that the symbol of their intimate relationship is a simple orange. You will get what I mean when you watch the movie. Back to the story, they joined this photograph competition and Makato failed. To rub salts on his wounds, Shizuru got accepted. Imagine, Makato have been in this photography business for such a long time and he lost to an amateur like Shizuru. Don’t u feel hurt?? I know I will…

She moved to New York to give time for Makoto to become a professional photographer which would also be time when they promised to meet each other again. After one year, he got news that she was killed in New York a few months ago. But, he got a letter from Shizuru on that very same day. So, was she really dead? Watch the story to check. Here’s the trailer for this movie. Enjoy it! So, watch it on Astro Kirana, channel 43.

Time: 17 Oct 2006 , 3:30 pm
21 Oct 2006, 4:30 am

For more repeats, check your guidebook!!!