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In Form 3, we get to learn about the heart in science... Guess what?? MALES have more chances to get a heart attack??!!! I mean... what the heck... since when gender comes in the fray... This is just not fair!!! Well... girls got ... emm... err... someone help me!!!

Sunday's Borneo Post Newspaper:


Women apparently have back-up genes that protect them from big trouble. This means that women have less chance to be crazy than men!!


Parkinson's disease (cannot talk and move properly) are more likely to happen to males!!


Women think things in a bigger and wider view while men are more likely to focus on first minute detail.


Before the age of 13, boys are more likely to get depressed than girls. (Note the
age... hehe)

Women are also more tend to go over and over negative thoughts and feelings, especially if they have to do with relationships. Too often they get caught in downward spirals of hopelessness and despair... :-)

Nothing unites men and women better than SEX!!! By the way, nothing divides them better than SEX too... Funny...

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