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Brenda Siong!!!

One of the rc camp leader, Brandon Siong, performed in a sketch about shemales. He, Lester, and Tung Yang (From Kuching High) wanted to join a dancing competition but the competition is only eligible for girls so they pretended to be girls...

Brandon did the most crazy thing. He took folded his shirt into a bra and dance on stage!! Lester put tissue to make breasts while Tung Yang just tied the ends of his shirt together... AHaa.... Anyone got picture of hiM???

And yesterday's night was so romantic... Guys and girls get together and they danced in couples... waahh... so touching.... got people hug so long until they kiss each other and tears came rolling down their cheeks.... soo... beautiful....

THen, we partied hard till 3a.m ahahaha... come on, do the jeff hardy dance!!


From the 11th to the 15th Dec, I went for the red crescent camp at St. Joe...

Came back with a lot of bruises and cuts... but who doesn't???

I will write about the things that happen in the camp but i don have any pics though... sorry... if u have any, e-mail me please!!