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Windows VISTA VS Mac OS X

WOW!!!! VISTA!!! Loyal Microsoft Windows consumers have been anticipating this new version of Windows. Usually, Microsoft will release their a new operating system (eg. Win98, WinXP) almost every year. Since their release of Windows XP, they kinda stopped the tradition of creating a new operating system every year. Since then, they have concentrated on other things like XBox.
Ok ok ok, so the release of Windows XP was somewhere in 2000 - 2001.

Windows Vista Beta was released to die-hard fans and technicians for an 1GB plus download from the website in 2006. Who's crazy enough to download that with the speed Streamyx (in Malaysia) has to offer for home users, aaahhh... You really are crazy!! Now, Windows Vista is officially released to the public last month.
For Windows users who actually cared about the Macintosh operating system, you will find that there's a lot of similarities in both of this operating system. The videos below will explain everything for you.