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Sarawak Cultural Village

Today I went to Sarawak’s Cultural Village!!!! Ahhhh… Kinda boring, but who cares, since I’m goin, I might as well enjoyed it. Well, I didn’t regret it in the end.

33 out of a possible of 44 came. A few came curi curi masuk but who cares, the more the merrier

Cikgu Cheng with his shades… Ahah….

I brought my new phone today. Sony Ericsson W200i . I’ve used it’s camera for the pictures in this post. Kinda sucky, but I’m loving it.

The trip took about 1 hour from St. Joseph’s School to Sarawak Cultural Village… I was reading my book.. RaSa pandei..

There, we climbed a lot of steep steps.

Su Wei taking a go with the steps..

It’s kinda steep. It’s like a log with its side cut off to create steps for us to put our feet on.

Outside of the theatre, a ‘botak’ man was sitting outside.

So, Clifford was tattooed by the ‘botak’ man.

I never did like tattoos… Well, forgive me for my I-don’t-like-tattoos attitude… I luv my body as it is.. .Sexy enough bohh..

Then, we walked on bamboos..

Don’t be shy!!

Then, Joshua’s turn to take on the steps…

AHA.. Peace!!!

Then, we played a bit wit the sugar cane outside of the Penan house.

Push Push.. arr. I mean… Crush Crush!!

Then, we tried to play darts!! The Sarawakian Style – SUMPIT!!!!

Aim properly Hooo..

Ian’s was amazing, everything so cun!!!!

Then, we saw some cute kids… Arggh… so cute!!!!

Sorry lar, quality not good… ahah..

Then, we saw some more people dancing…

And dancing…. And dancing…

We played a bit with the swing!!

Go Kelvin Go!!!

Ian’s turn to take a go at the steps!!


Then, we saw people play gasing…

Then, we go to the theatre and watched some performaces!!

This is how many people were there. Just count the heads!!

I took videos for this thing but not compatible with my comp. Once I find a software to play it, then I’ll post it up k!!

That’s all from me now!! BYE!!!!

CYA Later!!

Su Wei and Me logging off!!!



haha! yer sony ericsson wor...walkman some more.. ;P hahah..


Ahaha! nicely done cyril!


AHAAH! Nicely done cyril! PROPS


i see monkeys.. lol


You went too?