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yay!!!! Today I get to see my niece!!!

Alyssa Isabel

She's still in the hospital today. Getting some antibiotics treatment. I'm not quite sure but I know she's coming home next week.

My sister so smart ah. Use that as an excuse for me to clean the house!!

Actually I don't mind also, I tell you ah, my mother (Alyssa's Grandma aka "NENEK") so happy la. Never seen her that happy before. Swinging the baby around, talking in baby language that I don't even understand.

When she gets back home, it's my turn to shake her around hahaah.

Anyways, here's some more pics of her.

Her hair got shaved!! The doctor shaved it to put in the drips through her head.

Okay okay, she's pissed off. I stop lo....

She's so pretty la ahahaha...

You'll never know how babies grow up. I wonder how she will look like in the future ho...

I mean, look at these pics below, how they grown from baby to know.

These 9 beautiful girls are from So Nyuh Shi Dae, also known as Girls' Generation. Those fanatic Korean-maniac guys sure know them ahaha. Quite amazing to see how they grew up.

I think Alyssa's going to be a very pretty girl...

She's my niece ba


Ohh My Cyril!!!

Those girls are absolute beauty. =)

Yoona and SeoHyun!!!

-Kelv J-