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Start of New Chapter in Life


What you want to say Barrack????

What'CHA looking at me for??

Uhhhhhhhh... oh come on Lebron.... what's happening???

Yuri??? Why acting so funny....

Hey, is that you Taeyeon??

SPM's OVER!!!!

So, what the hell am I going to do now????

  1. Clean my house
  2. Revive my dead blog
  3. Learn mandarin and Japanese
  4. Find some money........
  5. Find something to do
  6. Oh yea, there's a baby in my house now!! You know what that means??

Endless Sleepless Nights


I think this is the end of a chapter rather than a start of a new chapter ;-) but do have lots of fun. Yes, learning Mandarin would come in handy.