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I learned an important lesson yesterday, a person that is angry defies a lot of the known facts about that person, especially if you are close with him.

Throughout my experience of getting angry, I know there's a few reasons why people get angry..

  1. Getting attention
  2. Hormones
  3. Provoke orally/physically
  4. Mental illness

If you see someone that's angry, please don't judge him or her as what that person is on that spot. Don't say...

Angry Person: "DA** YOU!!!!"

Cool Person : *thinks* man... so angry one... don want to fwen fwen anymore baaahhhh

When a person is angry, please try to understand him/her.

I've been angry a few times in the past and (not to boast la) I've managed to control my temper this past few years. The only time that I actually lost control was a weeks ago when my brother poked my eye. What did I do? Em.. I slammed his face with my bag full of water bottles... YAY!

Being angry not a fun thing to be, I've always regret it later... sob sob...

Wish I can turn back time and fix my past. But that's a fantasy that I shall not ponder. I was never the complaining type so, I'll do what I do best...

Think POSITIVE!!!! ^^

Btw, PMR results next friday, and I don't feel a thing ahahh ^^



It'll be released on Thursday 27th. LOL... Best wishes!