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Pmr results out liaw

So fast, 2007 is almost over...

The results for my recent mass exam (PMR) is...


which is


Praise the lord!! Thank you GOD!!!!!!

Did I deserve it???
  1. I studied a month before PMR
  2. I daydream in class
  3. I finish all my homework before I go to school
  4. I used comp and chat with friends till late at night
  5. I prayed just a few days before PMR ^^

So... did I deserve it??


Somehow, I'm just not happy...

I'm like a sad dog right now...


Micky Star

Hi, first of all congratulations!! How many people in your school got straight As? I mean 2007 PMR!!


Hey, you should be happy with your result? Why feel sad?

7A is a mighty fine result to have for PMR. Good job and go enjoy and celebrate!


micky : Ahh... 40 people I think..

js : Sob sob sob


hey. cheer up ^^ u got straight A's. Feel the bangga-ness ! :D